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Section §173.22: Shipper's responsibility

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A written regulatory interpretation, response to a question, or an opinion concerning a pipeline safety issue may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Office of Pipeline Safety (PHP–30), PHMSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590–0001 or at the email address: In addition to email address, the requestor must include his or her return address and should also include a daytime telephone number. Requests should be submitted at least 120 days before the time the requestor needs a response.

Note: electronic submission is provided as alternative to the 49 CFR Part 190.11(b) mail-in requirement.

The regulations text of the section can be found on the eCFR website. To view the regulations text, use the link below. For assistance, please send an email to

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Interpretation Responses

Ref ID Date Company Name Individual Name Response Document
24-0004 Pillinger Miller Tarallo Fern B. Miller View
24-0021 Sasol Chemicals Nita Moniaga View
23-0105 SET Environmental, Inc. David Olsen, Jr. View
23-0093 Transportation Development Group Jim Powell View
23-0076 Mr. Tristan Amberger View
23-0079 Hazmat Safety Consulting, LLC Ryan Paquet View
23-0058 Carbochem Inc, Mr. Gavin Kahn View
23-0068 UL Solutions Kevin Skerrett View
23-0015 UralKali Trading Marcel Cisneros View
23-0001 Petra Industries, LLC Mr. Tyler Scott View
23-0005 Steve Laughlin View
22-0014 I.C.E. Service Group & SPS Strategic Packaging Systems Mr. Kurt Colborn View
22-0071 W.E. Train Consulting Mr. Gene Sanders View
22-0045 Parker Hannifin Corporation Erik Steinbeck View
22-0020 Justin Lacy View
22-0039 DHL Global Forwarding Dennis Raymund V. Franco View
22-0032 Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry Testing Company, Ltd. Bin Fan View
21-0089 Molecule Corp. Company Nick Talken View
21-0082 Onepoint4 Ltd. Peter Shelley View
21-0068 Kajuligan, Inc. Cliff Croft View
21-0057 Hogan Lovells US LLP Latane R. Montague View
21-0044 Nevro Corp. Calvin Tsai View
21-0016 Amanda Davis View
20-0078 Starkey Laboratories, Inc. Dawn Gardner View
20-0030 ORBITAL ATK Robert Weston View
20-0063 DNA Genotek Austin Udocor View
20-0024 CC Metals and Alloys, LLC Joe Cruse View
19-0114 Entegris, Inc. Mr. James V. McManus View
19-0129 Goal Zero Christie Babalis View
19-0036 Hazmat Safety Consulting Bob Richard View
19-0034 Mr. W. A. Winters View
19-0032 Locus Biosciences, Inc. Nick Conley View
18-0128 Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers, Inc. Andrei Lazourenko View
18-0088 Settoon Towing Nicholas Kohnke View
18-0087 Scarpa Consultants Nicholas Scarpa, Ph.D. View
18-0022 Ercros David Nicolau Tous View
17-0077 Texas Highway Patrol Brad Gibson View
17-0067 Public Works - Naval Station Everett Andrew Roley View
18-0046 Hawks Logistics Steve Hawks View
18-0059 Global First Mr. Thomas Brennan View
18-0030 Lighting Technologies International, LLC Joe Rodriguez View
18-0043 Ventura County District Attorney's Office Mitchel Disney View
170077 Texas Highway Patrol Mr. Brad Gibson View
170067 Naval Station Everett Mr. Andrew Roley View
17-0066 Tyco Fire Protection Products Ms Kym Seth View
17-0018 AccuBeat Ltd. Mr. Jonathan Gurten View
16-0194 Vectron International, Inc Dr. Ram Arvikar View
11-0226 Spec Ops Company Jason Romero View
12-0271 Fred Guimond & Associates Mr. Fred Guimond View
11-0021 Kajuligan Corporation Mr. Clifford Croft View
10-0197 Oxford & Wells Mr. Ken Swenke View
08-0012 Utah Division of Radiation Control Mr. Boyd Imai View
99-0198 HB Fuller Company Mr. Eugene J. Secor View
13-0127 Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Transportation Department Mr. Tom Forbes View
15-0215 Dangerous Good Logistics Solutions, Inc. Mr. Kevin Lapp View
13-0161 Royal Oak Enterprises LLC Mr. Phillip Zimmerman View
99-0286 Chem One Corporation Mr. Thomas R. Goding View
10-0125 Anitox Corporation Kurt Richardson, Ph.D. View
01-0143 Fuji Foods, Inc. Ms. Kimberly Roberson View
15-0018 New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association, Inc. Mr. Guziejewski View
13-0001 Aris Electronics Mr. Avraham Rahimi View
11-0027 The Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc. Mr. Thomas W. Ferguson View
13-0205 Reid laboratories LLC Mr. Scott Hopkins View
06-0136 Samax Enterprises Mr. Perry J. Patton View
06-0055 Ferroatlantica Mr. Edward Hopkins View
10-0117 Polymet Alloys, Inc. Mr. Matt Gilmore View
99-0219 Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc. Mr. Donald Hodder View
00-0073 Delta Analytical Corporation Mr. T. Jeff Jones View
11-0003 S.E. McDonough & Associates, Inc. Ms. Susan E. McDounough View
15-0041 Bombardier (Aerospace) Mr. Jeff Christafore View
99-0112 Ludvik Development Company Mr. Oscar Mirabel View
14-0052 Medivators Mr. Richard M. Ormsbee View
13-0002 UPS Mr. Samuel S. Elkind View
14-0072 Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) Mr. David Ford View
10-0221 Metropolis Industries, LLC Mr. Kyle Long View
15-0210 E.V. Logistics Coordinator Mr. Mike Casas View
11-0303 Integrated Chemical & Equipment Corp. Mr. Michael Gosselin View
00-0199 Florida Department of Environmental Protection Ms. Irene Gleason View
99-0033 Fine Metals Ms. Christy Schwartz View
00-0075 Innowave Incorporated Mr. Robert Haney View
15-0122 Hazmateam, Inc Mr. Paul Dambek View
15-0046 Dangerous Goods Department Mr. Sergio Bustamante M View
98-0518 Wastewater, Soil & Gas Analysis Inc. Dr. Kuldeep Verma View
15-0144 Labelmaster Services Mr. Robert Richard View
14-0020 Thunder Mountain (ThndrMntn™) Mr. William Gairloch View
14-0080 Discovery Laboratories, Inc Ms. Louise J. Calabretta View
14-0105 UTRON Kinetics, LLC Ms. Tesa Bell View
16-0093 Broadcom Limited Mr. Richard Laudano View
00-0294 Goldschmidt Chemical Corp. Mr. Michael Brobst View
00-0203 Mr. Kenneth Ozard View
16-0189 CTI and Associates, Inc. Ms. Terri Zick View
00-0022 SC Johnson Wax Professional Ms. Laura Bridges View
99-0016 Brent Industries Inc. Mr. Michael Culliton View
13-0114 WTS, Inc. Mr. James Moulds View
98-0512 Waste Management, Inc. Mr. Daniel L. Duncan View
01-0136 Law Offices of Fennemore Craig Anne N. Christenson, Esq. View
12-0038 Mr. Charles E. Tudor View
07-0024 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
14-0153 Deitrich Engineering Mr. David Deitrich View
09-0260 Regulatory Resources, Inc. Mr. Wade A. Winters View
03-0008 Sea Sweep, Inc. Mr. William L. Mobeck View
99-0160 Applied Specialties Inc. Ms. Adrienne B. Scheurman View
99-0044 Fire Star Electric Match Mr. Jerry F. Dyben View
00-0110 Christenson Transportation, Inc. Mr. Barry McGowen View
11-0018 Aluminio No. 7 Ms. Isabel Martinez View
07-0089 LND, Inc. Mr. Spencer B. Neyland View
98-0572 Raloid Corp. Mr. Robert A. Robbins, QAR View
09-0119 Advance Asymmetrics, Inc. Mr. Lawrence D. Rutledge View
06-0039R Shane Havoc Consulting, LLC Dr. Gregory J. Sutherland View
07-0016 Mr. Dave Middleton View
13-0186 UTi Ms. Kathryn Singer View
99-0088 Ms. Carolyn Kossik View
12-0104 Hach Company Ms. Dragana Kostic Veneziano View
99-0126 Becton Dickinson Healthcare Systems Mr. Mark Welch View
99-0047 Texas Woman's University Charles L. Riggs, Ph.D. View
04-0143 Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services Inc Michael Fox, Ph.D View
11-0019 Kajuligan Corporation Mr. Clifford Croft View
13-0108R Eastex Crude Company Ms. Kathy Harris View
12-0058 Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico Mr. David Castillo View
08-0202 Mr. Carl Severn View
09-0301 Tronox, LLC Mr. John Hatmaker View
99-0323 Piper, Marbury, Rudnick, & Wolfe, L.LP. Mr. Steven J. Groseclose View
10-0222 Environmental Resource Center Ms. Rebecca Spaulding View
16-0078 Environmental Resources Center Ms. Lizzie Clifton View
01-0002 Bernzomatic Mr. Roger L. Maxon View
99-0167 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Mr. Frank Imperatore View
99-0242 Palmetto & Ellenton Funeral Homes and Crematory Mr. Alan Moore, LPD View
09-0271 Marine Spill Response Corporation Mr. Mike Sample View
07-0143 PerkinElmer Optoelectronics Mr. David Harmon View
13-0135 Patterson Companies, Inc. c/o Patterson Logistics Services, Inc Mr. Robb Boros View
15-0142 Covington & Burling LLP. Mr. Thomas Brugato View
15-0130 Green Environmental Consulting Ms. Peggy Haase View
09-0300 Sartorius Stedim Filters, Inc. Mr. José H. Braulio-Martinez View
16-0064 OR-CAL Inc. Ms. Brooke Baker View
10-0224 Corrigan Consulting, Inc. Mr. Wendell Honeycutt View
16-0012 Patterson Companies, Inc Mr. Robb Boros View
00-0159 Compliance and Response Management Mr. Henry Renfrew View
99-0176 Kagan Aerospace Corporation Mr. Gregory Maynard View
03-0128 Bioconvergence, Inc. Mr. Scott Kobryn View
05-0155 Sports Health Products Mr. Anthony Woods View
09-0273 Dow Corning Corporation Mr. Stephen V. Moser View
05-0167 Boasso America Corporation Mr. Tony Ortego View
99-0312 Tech-USA Marine Products Mr. Mike Campbell View
12-0189 Wirtgen America, Inc. Ms. Stephanie Dalton View
00-0312 Alkaloids Corporation Mr. Mano J. Karnani View
06-0111 AmeriPath Ms. Julie Frail View
98-0340 Fireworks Mfg. Co Inc. Mr. Ronald C. Snyder View
09-0262R Elkem Metals, Inc. Mr. George Scott View
99-0268 Heraeus Incorporated Mr. Franklin Hahn View
00-0182 U. S. Department of Labor Mr. John P. Seiler View
98-0366 Aero Tech Consumer Aerospace Mr. Gary C. Rosenfield View
06-0283 ISOTECH Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Dennis Coleman View
00-0238 Singapore Airlines Ltd Mr. M. Chandran View
05-0165 The Fertilizer Institute Ms. Pam Guffain View
12-0174 Process Technology Optimization, Inc. Dr. Tilak Bommaraju View
06-0134 Special Materials Company Mr. Adam Feldman View
02-0162 Johnson Matthey, Inc. Bill Erickson View
11-0036 Cusco Fabricators, Inc. Mr. Sarathi Chilukuri View
12-0039 Caterpillar, Inc. Mr. Jerry A. Shipman En View
00-0053 Office of Motor Carrier Safety Mr. Robert J. Brown, Jr. View
01-0211 Alloy & Metal Processors, Inc. Mr. William P. Murphy View
99-0186 International Carbon Black Association Mr. Jimmy W. Boyd View
03-0174 Woodside Inc. Andrew Woodside Ph.D. View
06-0091 Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP Mr. David J. Hrina  View
12-0268 Koppers Inc. Ms. Erin S. Murray View
14-0058 Transportation Systems Solutions Mr. Peter Olsen View
00-0013 Mr. Kurt Martin View
03-0078 Innovative Solutions & Technologies, L.L.C. Mr. Mike Lely View
07-0046 Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
13-0016 American Ordnance LLC Mr. Charles McDowell View
98-0400 Tamaya Chemical Corporation Mr. Steven Charles Hun View
00-0067 Air Freight Center, Inc. Mr. William Warder View
99-0270 Sperry-Sun Drilling Services Mr. Jack E. Gilbert, Jr. View
99-0078 Willett Labeling Company Ms. Alberta Millar View
98-0378 Hilti, Inc. Mr. Marlyn Boyce View
98-0237 Director Spectra Gases, Inc. Ms. Elaine Bradford View
10-0124 Food Safety Net Services LTD Mr. Timothy J. Santy View
10-0133 American Ordnance LLC Iowa Army Ammunition Plant T. Bradley Vance View
06-0180 HMT Associates, L.L.C Mr. E.A. Altemos  View
CHI-98-001 National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. Clifford J. Harvison View
12-0181 Railroad Regulatory Safety Services Mr. Raymond Kasey View
04-0096 Chemical Lime Company Mr. Kevin Anderson View
12-0162 Kiddie Fenwal Inc. Mr. Gil Walton View
13-0226 Air Techniques, Inc. Mr. Michael Toole View
CHI-89-001 National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. Clifford J. Harvison View
99-0289 Lee Products Company Mr. Faye Roy View
05-0132 nanoCoolers Mr. Craig Johnston View
09-0137 J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. Mr. Jon Adams View
16-0150 Entegris Mr. John Gaudreau View
08-0105 Vital Diagnostics Ms. Hardy View
11-0216 Mirion Technologies Mr. James E. Lynch View
09-0056 Mr. Gene Sanders Thermo Fisher Scientific View
09-0142 Westinghouse Electric Company LLC Mr. Michael D. Alston View
12-0061 David L. McLamb, Inc. Mr. David L. McLamb View
10-0169 Wiley Rein LLP Mr. George Kerchner View
06-0041 ShipMate, Inc. Mr. Steven Charles Hunt  View
04-0270 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vincent R. Hill, Ph.D., P.E. View
09-0151 Solstice Neurosciences Mr. David Schaper View
08-0249 Stericycle, Inc. Mr. Dan Fadgen View
08-0096 Sutherlands Ms. Tara Higgins View
06-0039 Shane Havoc Consulting, LLC Dr. Gregory J. Sutherland  View
04-0274 Hitachi Transport System (America) Ltd Ms. Gina Lupian View
05-0053 Space Gateway Support, LLC Mr. William Deneuté View
09-0248 Dangerous Goods Advisory Council Mr. Frits Wybenga View
12-0157 Perkins Coie Mr. Christopher J. Sutton View
06-0043 NRS Logistics, Inc. Mr. David Hiromura  View
07-0111 Dr. Lilly Langer View
09-0223 Hydrotest Tech. Mr. David A. Wright View
06-0036 Greif Mr. Rich Kovaleski View
07-0125 Dupont Automotive Systems Ms. Randylynn Bourassa View
09-0069 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
12-0028 Waste and Compliance Management, Inc. Mr. Eric Smith View
05-0104 Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
06-0214 Industrial Health & Safety Consultants Ms. Denese Deeds View
06-0076 Regulatory Resources, Inc. Mr. Wade Winters  View
15-0219 Intelligent Energy Mr. Douglas Knight View
06-0030 TEN-E Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck View
09-0233 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
15-0151 HS&E Coordinator Mr. Peter Leus View
09-0267 ChemADVISOR, Inc. Mr. Kevin Lapp View
11-0122 Safety Management Services Inc. Mr. A. Garn Butcher View
06-0231 Millennium Rail, Inc. Mr. J. F. Moore View
12-0238 Wers Professional Services Mr. Kevin Skerrett View
14-0167 Currie Associates, Inc. Mr. Tom Ferguson View
09-0269 Elkem Metals Inc. Mr. George Scott View
15-0206 Valley Building Center Mr. David French View
09-0127 Saint-Gobain Crystals Mr. Jeffrey L. Kennedy View
13-0222 Dr. Matthew Williams View
14-0169 A.S. Trust & Holdings, Inc. Mr. Richard Maruya View
11-0169 Ropak Packaging Mr. Terry Iker View
15-0169 Amazing Products Inc. Ms. Jackie Skaggs View
08-0305 Elpro Services, Inc. Mr. Martin Peter View
01-0025 Grayson Hill Farm Mr. Chris Schimp View
03-0311 Mr. Joseph Sanok View
11-0070 DS Environmental Solutions Mr. Ricardo Guerra View
09-0042 Thermo Fisher Scientific, Customer Channels Group Mr. Gene Sanders View
09-0054 Ricca Chemical Company LLC Mr. Loren K. Lowry View
11-0133 View
04-0176 Shipmate, Inc. Mr. Robert Tieman View
15-0051 Scientific Innovations, LLC Mr. Steve Foster View
13-0065 Huntsman LLC Mr. Mike Stillwell View
11-0260 W.E. Train Consulting Mr. Gene Sanders View
06-0248 Currie Industrial Services, LLC Mr. Allan B. Currie, Jr. View
03-0201 Gulf Trading (Alabama), Inc. Mr. Mark Walker View
03-0039 Baker Hughes Mr. John W. Miggins View
13-0073 Aceto Corporation Ms. Suhey Francisco View
14-0081 Atotech USA Inc. Ms. Patricia Siefferman View
09-0043 Otto Environmental Systems Mr. Rob Ellis View
14-0006 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Mrs. Jennifer Eberle View
08-0129 Volunteer Drum Mr. Jack Oody View
02-0032 Elite Consumer Products Mark Chevrier View
08-0142 Mr. Larry A. Berg Celtech Corporation View
09-0049 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. John G. Mayfield View
11-0150 Holland & Knight LLP Mr. Jonathan Epstein View
04-0014 Jet-Lube, Inc. Mr. Donald A. Oldiges View
13-0076 Patterson Companies, Inc. Mr. Robb Boros View
16-0005 CMA CGM (America), LLC. Mr. Chris Godfrey View
07-0101 Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
04-0175 Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman, LLP Mr. Robert N. Steinwurtzel View
01-0059 Rapid Aid Ms. Judy Burtch View
00-0034 EAC Corporation Mr. Keith B. Berkholtz View
01-0061 Glencore Mr. Michael O'Connell View
07-0103 Greenberg Traurig, LLP Mr. Sanford M. Saunders, Jr, Mr. Kenneth P. Kaplan View
04-0183 Raytheon Aircraft Company Ms. Karen L. Baxter View
13-0041 Carry and Clean, LLC Mr. H. Michael Lord View
03-0303 Nene Labs Mr. Jeff Jerome View
98-0268 Rocketflite Mr. Greg Dyben View
14-0248 R&S Compliance group, LLC. Mr. David Rivers View
08-0293 S.H. Bell Company Mr. Chris McKenzie View
00-0065 Horning's Incorporated Ms. Kathy M. Koppe View
03-0038 Statlab Medical Product Mr. John Bickel View
05-0119 Department of the Army Mr. Alvin Char View
05-0205 Gallagher & Kennedy Mr. Chris S. Leason View
01-0216 Mr. Larry J. Talley View
12-0165 DRMS-VSE Mr. Sandy Clark View
11-0061 Ventura Transfer Company Mr. Jim Cheney View
06-0187 Miller and Company Mr. Ed Koziorowski  View
10-0061 Bozel LLC Ms. Kelley O'Connor View
01-0217 Mr. Alan Wilds View
01-0319 ECD Engineering Ms. Karen Schaaf View
00-0129 Dangerous Goods and Cargo Security Division William G. Wilkening View
14-0141 Innovage, LLC Mr. Ron Van Bavel View
08-0146 L-3 Vertex Aerospace LLC Mr. Stephen W. Miller View
01-0271 Electron Microscopy Sciences Mr. Carole J. McNamara View
01-0277 Mr. Steven Smith View
01-0248 Fluor Hanford Waste Services Mr. Paul W. Martin View