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PHMSA NTSB Recommendations

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration is required by law to respond to safety recommendations issued by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), an independent federal agency charged by Congress with investigating transportation incidents. Recommendations usually address a specific issue uncovered during an investigation or study and specify how to correct the situation.

Open Recommendations

The NTSB classifications for open recommendations:

OAA - Open Acceptable Action
OAAR - Open Acceptable Alternate Response
OUA - Open Unacceptable Response
ORR - Open Response Received
OAR - Open Await Response
IRR - Initial Response Received 


A - Air
H - Highway
P - Pipeline
R - Rail

Currently Open Recommendations

PHMSA NTSB Safety Recommendations
Recommendation Number Description Issue Date
H-04-023  Nurse Tank Inspections; OUA July 1, 2004
R-07-004  Immediate Notification to Emergency Responders; OAA April 24, 2007
A-08-001  Lithium Batteries; OAA Jan 7, 2008
A-08-002  Lithium Batteries; OAA Jan 7, 2008
H-11-005  Cargo Tank Performance Standards; OAA September 2, 2011
H-11-006  Cargo Tank Performance Standards; OAA September 2, 2011
P-11-009  PG&E Rupture - Immediate 911 Notifications; OAA Sep 26, 2011
P-11-010  PG&E Rupture - Equipping SCADA Systems; OAA Sep 26, 2011
P-11-011  PG&E Rupture - Installing ACVs or RCVs; OAA Sep 26, 2011
P-11-014  PG&E Rupture - Eliminating Grandfather Clause; OAA Sep 26, 2011
P-11-015  PG&E Rupture - Post-Construction Hydrostatic Pressure Test; OAA Sep 26, 2011
P-12-003  Enbridge - Engineering Assessment of Cracks; OAA Jul 25, 2012
P-12-004  Revising the "discovery of condition"; OAA Jul 25, 2012
R-12-007  Adoption of American Association of Railroads (AAR) center sill or draft sill attachment designs; OAA March 2, 2012
P-14-001 Sissonville – Add Principal Roadways to HCA Requirements; OUA March 5, 2014
R-14-005  Comprehensive Response Plan Threshold; OAA January 23, 2014
R-14-006  Shipper Testing and Documentation for Hazmat Classification; OUA January 23, 2014
R-14-014  Commodity Flow Data and Emergency Response Plan Development; OUA August 22, 2014
R-14-019  Public Education for Communities along Railroad Hazmat Routes; OAAR August 22, 2014
R-15-016  Milestone Schedule for Retrofit of DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars; OUA April 3, 2015
R-15-017  Progress Reporting for Retrofit of DOT-111 and CPC-1232 Tank Cars With Thermal Protection; OAA April 3, 2015
P-15-004 Increase positional accuracy of pipeline details in National Pipeline Mapping System; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-005 Revise National Pipeline Mapping System to include high consequence area identification; OAAFebruary 10, 2015 February 10, 2015
P-15-010 Update guidance for gas transmission pipeline operators; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-011 Develop and implement risk assessment training; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-012 Evaluate safety benefits of risk assessment approaches; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-013 Update guidance for gas transmission pipeline operators on risk assessment approaches; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-015 Revise Form 7100.1; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-016 Revise Form 7100.2; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-017 Evaluate relationship between incident occurences; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-018 Require all natural gas transmission pipelines be capable of inline inspection; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-020 Identify all opeartional complications limiting use of in-line inspection tools; OAA February 10, 2015
P-15-021 Develop and implement plan for eliminating direct assessment; OUA February 10, 2015
P-15-022 Develop and implement plan to improve data integration; OAA February 10, 2015
A-16-001 Maximum Loading Densities for Lithium Batteries or Class 3 Flammable Liquids; OAA February 09, 2016
A-16-002 Segregation of Lithium Batteries from Class 3 flammable liquids; OAA February 09, 2016
P-17-001 Work with pipeline trade and standards organizations to modify pipeline dent acceptance; OAA June 15, 2017
P-17-002 Require operators to either (a) repair all excavated dent defects or (b) install a local leak detection system; OUA June 15, 2017
R-17-001 Evaluate risks posed to train review re: separation distance; OAA March 9, 2017
R-17-002 Withdraw regulatory interpretation for positioning placarded rail cars; OAA March 9, 2017
R-17-005 Study increased derailment risks; OAA June 29, 2017
R-17-006 With FRA develop specific guidance for railroads; OAA June 29, 2017
H-18-003 With FMCSA, develop and implement process to ensure cargo tank inspectors able to verify safety; IRR January 30, 2018
H-18-004 With FMCSA incorporate by reference registered inspector training requirements for cargo tanks inspectors; IRR. January 30, 2018
H-18-005 With FMCSA permit suspension or revocation of registration of highway cargo tank inspectors; IRR. January 30, 2018
P-18-001 Work with state pipeline regulators to incorporate into their inspection programs, a review to ensure that gas distribution pipeline operators are using best practices recommended by the manufacturer in their distribution integrity management programs, including using the specified tools and methods, to correctly install PermaLock mechanical tapping tee assemblies. OAR June 25, 2018
P-18-002 Reference the use of external sources of information for threat identification in your frequently asked questions for preparation of distribution integrity management programs. OAR June 25, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, June 27, 2018