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Office of Administration

About the Office

The Office of Administration provides direction and advice for human resources management and development programs, organizational planning and management, and workforce analysis.  The Office also provides leadership and general direction for succession and workforce planning for PHMSA. 

Office of Administration Divisions

Human Resources

Serves as advisors to our management and assist them in recruiting, nurturing and retaining a highly skilled workforce to accomplish the critical mission of the agency, and grow the next generation of PHMSA’s employees.  The HR team also serves our staff in the areas of training, benefits services and labor and employee relations. Additionally, we assure the adequacy of the human resource and personnel management programs that include recruitment, professional development, and human capital management.

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division provides real property acquisitions, space planning and utilization, and logistical support for PHMSA Headquarters and Regional offices.  The administrative services team also manages the Agency’s directives management program, administrative policies and procedures development, energy and sustainability program, and personnel safety and security. 

Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 2019