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PHMSA is committed to making the electronic technologies we deploy accessible to individuals with disabilities. We incorporate accessibility (Section 508) compliance testing in the design, development, and maintenance of our website. Our work on accessible design is continuous, and we welcome feedback on improving the accessibility features of our site.

Review the DOT Section 508 Policy, the DOT Access to Electronic and Information Technology Policy, and the DOT Policies for more information.

Benefits of Accessibility

Our reasons for a strong focus on accessibility extend far beyond the mandates of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Structuring our systems and content for use by assistive technologies has multiple benefits beyond simply meeting mandates:

  • We value our constituency and desire to have our work available to all interested citizens.
  • We recognize that accessibly designed systems are typically easier for non-experts to use.
  • We believe that having our site structured for assistive technologies positions us well for wireless and other specialized access devices.

DOT Accessibility
DOT's Section 508 Policy and General Information

Known Issues

The following are notes specific to this website and include information about areas where the site has known issues, status of a resolution, and further information.

  • Some potentially inaccessible PDFs are included in the site. Wherever possible, these have been converted to an accessible format which contains a link to the original PDF. Newsletters formatted in columns are an example of a PDF that is not typically accessible.
  • Certain graphics containing a large amount of information do not have alternative text fully reflecting contents. A link for more information is provided.
  • When using the browser settings to increase font size, the header graphic may contain excess white space and some title bars look stretched. All information is available, so the page is considered 508 compliant. If you have any difficulties related to this problem, please contact us for further assistance.