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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

PHMSA Training

Transportation is a dynamic system based not only on physical infrastructure but also on human capital. Education and training programs are vital for fulfilling the mission of the U.S. Department of Transportation, especially for fostering an educated, innovative and highly skilled transportation workforce that will enable the U.S. to compete effectively in the global economy and provide its people with a safe and efficient transportation system.

The transportation workforce issue has become a critical concern to industry, transportation system operators, and federal, state and local governments as the pool of qualified personnel continues to decline.

PHMSA is providing solutions for the workforce problem by offering innovative education and training programs designed to increase the numbers of talented individuals who will become the next generation of transportation professionals. These programs build on cooperative linkages between industry, academia, professional associations and government at all levels.

PHMSA supports several types of multimodal education and training initiatives, all of which enhance the nation's transportation workforce and improve transportation systems within the U.S.

To ensure hazardous materials packagers and transporters follow the appropriate safety guidelines, PHMSA enhances regulatory compliance, enforcement uniformity, and emergency preparedness through development and dissemination of training, technical assistance, training seminars and workshops, and information initiatives that address the hazardous materials transportation safety concerns of management, technical, and operations personnel.

Additionally, PHMSA sponsors a number of training activities designed to familiarize government and industry personnel with the requirements of pipeline safety regulations and to educate federal and state inspectors in compliance requirements, inspection techniques, and enforcement procedures.

Last updated: Wednesday, October 18, 2017