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Section §172.101: Purpose and use of hazardous materials table

Below are the available interpretations and guidance for the given section. To return to the list of parts, use the Parts link above. If you do not see any guidance or interpretation information below, that means there is none available for the given part/section. Return to the search page to browse additional regulations sections.

PHMSA has published several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents on regulatory topics. Please review our FAQ documents below:

Additionally PHMSA has Hazardous Materials FAQs based on letters of interpretation on the following topics:

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A written regulatory interpretation, response to a question, or an opinion concerning a pipeline safety issue may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Office of Pipeline Safety (PHP–30), PHMSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590–0001 or at the email address: In addition to email address, the requestor must include his or her return address and should also include a daytime telephone number. Requests should be submitted at least 120 days before the time the requestor needs a response.

Note: electronic submission is provided as alternative to the 49 CFR Part 190.11(b) mail-in requirement.

The regulations text of the section can be found on the eCFR website. To view the regulations text, use the link below. For assistance, please send an email to

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Interpretation Responses

Ref ID Date Company Name Individual Name Response Document
24-0017 Champion X Melanie Barker View
23-0101 NRS Ocean Logistics Ltd. Ms. Nicole Enright View
23-0103 Logistics Specialist IV Shelly Stampfler View
23-0096 Airborne Labs International, Inc. Aniyah Volpe View
23-0085 Texas Highway Patrol Dustin Henderson View
23-0068 UL Solutions Kevin Skerrett View
23-0008 Leschaco, Inc. Mr. Hien Le View
23-0056 Hazmat Resources, Inc. Mr. Daniel Shelton View
23-0012 Kansas Highway Patrol Technical Trooper Nick Wright View
22-0128 D.T. Gruelle Company Group LLC Mr. James F. Thornton View
23-0017 Vantage Specialties, Inc. Mr. Donovan Robin View
22-0118 Tanner Industries, Inc. James Klucsarits View
23-0005 Steve Laughlin View
23-0028 Arkema Inc. Christina M. Kurtz View
22-0095 Environmental Resource Center Kristie Absher View
22-0052 Arkema – Health Environment and Safety Steve Schulte View
22-0131 Powin Thomas Kerr View
22-0110 Environmental Resource Center Kristie Absher View
22-0040 Rinchem Company, Inc Joe Strelow View
22-0041 Pilot Chemical Company Megan O’Connor View
22-0019 CBC Brazilian Cartridge Company Mariele Aparecida Nonis Munhoz View
21-0113 TEN-E Packaging Services, Inc. Robert Ten Eyck View
21-0115 Intermodal Tank Transport Jasmine Builes View
21-0090 High Precision Gas Mr. Justin Wai View
21-0071 Air General, Inc. Charles A. White View
21-0082 Onepoint4 Ltd. Peter Shelley View
21-0105 Evonik Corporation Robert Miller View
21-0047 Safeway Transportation Richard Elliott View
21-0045 Milport Enterprises, Inc. Tom Grego View
21-0017 The Sulphur Institute Craig Jorgenson View
21-0024 Matson Navigation Company James Owen View
21-0029 TETRA Technologies Shawn Shoemake View
21-0016 Amanda Davis View
20-0035 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Lori Bane View
20-0065 Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc. Mike Jennings View
20-0037 Y-12 National Security Complex DJ Allen View
20-0037 Y-12 National Security Complex DJ Allen View
20-0044 Railsback Safety Professionals LLC Rex Railsback View
20-0015 Onepoint4 Ltd. P. Shelley BEng (Hons), MISEE, MIExpE View
20-0034 Railsback Safety Professionals LLC Rex Railsback View
19-0104 Public Utilities Commission of Ohio Tom Forbes View
20-0025 Entergy Donnie James View
20-0007 Oxyde Chemicals, Inc. Mr. Adrian Medina View
19-0111 Fuelie Systems, Inc. Thomas Stumpf View
19-0106 Woodard & Curran, Inc. Kelly V. Camp View
19-0055 Dangerous Goods Transport Consulting Inc. Frits Wybenga View
19-0090 UL Materials and Supply Chain Kevin Skerrett View
19-0072 C. Steinweg, Inc. John Moors View
19-0074 ResinLab Andrea Florin View
18-0154 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Collin B. Mooney View
19-0041 Dangerous Goods Advisory Council Del Billings View
18-0151 Austin Powder Company Darrell A. Martin View
16-0116 UL Supply Chain & Sustainabilty Kevin Skerrett View
17-0078 UL Supply Chain & Sustainability Kevin Skerrett View
18-0090 American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) Mr. Michael R. Kloesel View
18-0147 Evonik Corporation Robert Miller View
18-0133 The Sulphur Institute Mr. Craig Jorgenson View
18-0035 COSTHA Don Bossow View
18-0096 HOMENERGY Services, Inc Dan Reilly View
18-0005 Commerical Vehicle Safety Alliance Collin Mooney View
17-0077 Texas Highway Patrol Brad Gibson View
18-0081 Florida Power & Light Company Frank Nesbihal View
18-0059 Global First Mr. Thomas Brennan View
18-0052 Texas Highway Patrol Division Sergeant Brad Gibson View
18-0013 Environmental Resource Center Kristie Absher View
18-0001 Washington State Ferries Manny Perez View
08-0274R Alcor Life Extension Foudation Tanya Jones View
17-0070 Entegris Mr. Quentin Yarbrough View
17-0062 Carbotainer SL Antonio Ruiz View
170077 Texas Highway Patrol Mr. Brad Gibson View
17-0074 Western International Gas & Cylinders, Inc. Ms. Kathy McKenzie View
16-0169 Kalitta Air LLC Mr. Tim Shaw View
17-0072 Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc Lee Stevens View
16-0204 Evonik Corporation Robert Miller View
16-0202 Valley View Industries, Inc Timothy Kenney View
06-0277 National Solid Wastes Management Association Ms. Alice P. Jacobsohn View
15-0059 Cargolux Airlines International SA Mr. Gerard Guillaume View
09-0305 Mr. James La Porte View
11-0179 Hapag-Lloyd (America) Inc. Mr. Matt Krynski Director View
15-0091 Ammunition Surveillance Division Mr. James Gibson View
10-0015 Defense Ammunition Center Ms. Vickie A. Lewis View
15-0149 Tailgate In A Box Mr. Matthew MacLean View
15-0209 Renessenz LLC. Mr. John Hinson View
99-0202 The Boeing Company Ms. Michele A. Giusiana View
05-0150 OIC, Detachment ECHO Chief Warrant Officer Jeffery J. Zagurski View
16-0144 ERM Scott Porter View
99-0097 Mr. Mark Villarino View
01-0095 Atlantic Research Corporation Mr. Aaron Greso View
12-0038 Mr. Charles E. Tudor View
12-0166 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. John G. Mayfield View
99-0141 Austin Powder Company Mr. Larry J.(Scooter) King View
98-0403 Myers Industries Ms. Barb Germano View
98-0283 Cotkin & Collins Mr. Cooper Collins View
12-0197 Chemplex Advance Materials, LLC Mr. Ed Vinson View
00-0297 Agmark Foods, Inc. Mr. Richard L. Hagemeyer View
11-0016 AllTransPack, Inc. Mr. Hank Baird . View
15-0109 US Ecology - Regional Office Mr. Brian Kucharski View
10-0017 MGA Research Corporation Mr. Michael Greiner View
09-0225 Mr. Donald Sugerman View
00-0038 ELG Haniel Trading Corporation Mr. Eric G. Poole View
11-0188 Riceland Foods, Inc. Mr. Neil Washburn View
06-0111 AmeriPath Ms. Julie Frail View
17-0039 Williams International Mr. Stan Harrison View
99-0105 Chem Lab Products, Inc. Mr. Dana Wm. Somesla View
01-0130 ENPRO Services Inc. Ms. Alice M. Morse View
12-0030 U.S. Department of Defense, Attn: AMSSD-SA Mr. Elias V. Cantu View
03-0002 Sunoco, Inc. Mr. Michael Alston View
99-0177 DELTA Analytical Corporation Mr. Jeff Jones View
98-0405 ASi International Mr. Greg Lemley View
14-0149 Mr. Armando Sancerni View
14-0181 Duke Energy Corporation Mr. Chuck Denny View
00-0310 Radian International Mr. Andrew N. Romach View
11-0006 Stolt Tank Containers Mr. John Cario View
05-0277 Onyx Environmental Services, LLC Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
03-0114 Dupont Global Services Business Mr. Randolph Martin View
09-0307 Lovitz PSC Environmental Services, LLC Mr. James V. Lovitz View
07-0205 Tronox, LLC Mr. Mark Krippel View
11-0199 Trimac Management Services Mr. Len Comtois View
09-0090R Kinbursky Brothers Supply, Inc. Mr. Paul D. Johnson View
03-0243 Quaker Chemical Corporation Ms. Kathryn F. Strang, CHMM View
96-0200 DGI Training Center Ms Candy L. Cook View
07-0133 Charkit Chemical Corporation Mr. Steve J. Catania View
09-0112R Wiley Rein LLP Mr. George Kerchner View
12-0047 Robertshaw Industrial Products Ms. Natalie Pike View
11-0182 Mr. Henry Wake Huffman View
10-0125 Anitox Corporation Kurt Richardson, Ph.D. View
01-0170 ADCOM Express, Inc. Mr. Bradford A. Gagnon View
06-0091 Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, LLP Mr. David J. Hrina  View
08-0246 Tetra Micronutrients Ms. Becky Beasley View
07-0173 Umicore USA, Inc Mr. Gary Sommer View
05-0165 The Fertilizer Institute Ms. Pam Guffain View
12-0223 Mr. John A Desharnais View
03-0119 Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories Mr. Rupert Zellner View
12-0151 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
07-0208 American Metals & Chemical Corporation Mr. Barry D. Reichenberg View
00-0322 Pechiney World Trade U.S.A., Inc. Mr. Court Ferderber View
02-0197 LEGRA Engineering, Inc. Mike Stocker View
03-0245 HMT Associates, L.L.C. Mr. E. A. Altemos View
07-0144 General Environmental Management, Inc. Mr. Alexander Amort View
09-0119 Advance Asymmetrics, Inc. Mr. Lawrence D. Rutledge View
00-0133 Buck Research Instruments, LLC Mr. John Buetow View
06-0271 Georgia Department of Public Safety Captain Bruce Bugg View
15-0045 Northern Air Cargo Mr. Mark Smith View
99-0219 Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc. Mr. Donald Hodder View
08-0208 Baker Petrolite Corporation Mr. Aubrey R. Campbell View
08-0018 Airgas-SAFECOR Mr. John Anderson View
02-0158 Prince Agri Products, Inc Gail Dixon View
06-0101 Buckeye Fire Equipment Company Mr. John Classic  View
01-0120 World Heart, Inc. Ms. Carol McCulley View
03-0130 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials Mr. Paul R. Counterman, P.E. View
05-0261 General Chemical Ms. Kathleen Nese View
00-0057 Gulf Trading (Alabama), Inc Mr. Mark Walker View
02-0318 Honeywell Barbara Konrad View
07-0020 Applied Biosystems Ms. Connie Roxas View
15-0176 ARKEMA Inc. Ms. Christina Kurtz View
05-0224 CMP Industries LLC Mr. William Regan View
08-0178 ExxonMobil Chemical Company Mr. Ronald J. Stokes View
02-0069 Waste Technology Services, Inc. Ted Nebrich View
08-0063R Disposal Safety Incorporated Mr. Steven Amter View
02-0125 3M Company Ray Duzynski View
99-0036 Marcus & Shapira LLP Ms. Elly Heller-Toig View
11-0142 Patterson Companies, Inc. Mr. Robb Boros View
16-0100 Potash Corp. Mr. Tracey Smith View
02-0159 HMT Associates, L.L. E. A. Altemos View
09-0070 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
15-0078 Maryland Department of Environment Mr. Michael Polinski View
98-0398 H.B. Fuller Automotive Company Mr. Gene Secor View
14-0043 Currie Associates, Inc. Mr. John V. Currie View
00-0058 Considar, Inc. Ms. Noreen McDonald View
06-0047 Tyco Specialty Products Ms. Nicole Curcio View
06-0122 Minnesota Department of Transportation Mr. Michael Ritchie View
98-0396 Currie Associates, Inc. Mr. John V. Currie View
05-0160 CheckPoint Mailers Incorporated Mr. Cliff Bartley View
08-0202 Mr. Carl Severn View
04-0144 Hammond, Group, Inc. Mr. James Bandstra View
08-0191R Magna Corporation Mr. Devon Schwalm View
13-0109 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
16-0104 Ms. Amanda Hammon View
11-0144 Chart Industries, Inc. Mr. Marty Beyer View
05-0247R Vanderbilt Chemical Corporation Murray Division Mr. Joe Curtis View
07-0046 Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
09-0093 Valspar Mr. Eric Barcaskey View
15-0050 URS Corporation Mr. Andrew Romach View
98-0053 Oxbow Carbon & Minerals, Inc. Ms. Karen Ferragonio View
07-0040 Public Works Department Jacksonville Ms. Kia Trace  View
05-0079 Arkema, Inc. Ms. Christina M. Kurtz View
15-0119 Information and Insights Mr. Kevin Skerrett View
03-0072 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Solid and Hazardous Materials
Mr. Paul R. Counterman, P.E. View
03-0175 J & A Companies, L.L.C. Dr. John S. Hibbard View
09-0190 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Mr. Larry Stuhl View
98-0184 American Association for Respitory Care Ms. Kathleen Adams View
02-0084 US Liquids of Georgia Solvent Division JoanVan Matre View
01-0196 Southworth-Milton, Inc. Mr. Edward D. Caracino View
13-0119 Kurt J. Lesker Company Mr. Lew Miller View
16-0189 CTI and Associates, Inc. Ms. Terri Zick View
11-0226 Spec Ops Company Jason Romero View
06-0137 Department of the Army Ms. Lauren Oleksyk View
08-0050 Bell, Boyd & Lloyd, LLP Mr. Thomas R. Carey View
07-0021 Ariel Corporation Ms. Betty Hicks View
14-0107 PCS Sales (USA), Inc Mr. Tracey G. Smith View
98-0083 USA Services, Inc. Mr. George Plum View
16-0193 Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson, Feary, P.C. Mr. Timothy Wiseman View
05-0032 Seacon Corporation Mr. Sean E. Condren View
01-0318 Tempra Technology, Inc Mr. Martin Sabin View
08-0094 Reeves Construction Company Mr. Ray Couture View
03-0189 Varn International Ms. Lee Tipton View
12-0115 Forrest Paint Company Mr. Rich Nolan View
06-0140 Minnesota Department of Transportation Mr. Kevin Kampa View
09-0280 #2075 Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal Mr. Changsik Ko View
99-0293 Denver Federal Center Mr. Carlos Arozarena View
13-0121 ClearEdge Power Mr. Ron Collins View
00-0188 Morgan Schaffer System Mr. Eric Valentine View
98-0294 Larson Sales Company Mr. Robert J. Kilian View
05-0080 Ms. Amy Dean View
12-0003 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Mr. Tom Baker View
07-0024 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C. Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
10-0175 HQDA G-3/5/7 DAMO-SSD Mr. Steve Carey View
98-0512 Waste Management, Inc. Mr. Daniel L. Duncan View
05-0241 Envirocare of Utah, LLC Mr. Mark Ledoux View
04-0143 Chemical Accident Reconstruction Services Inc Michael Fox, Ph.D View
09-0295 Fanwood"Scotch Plains Recycling Association Mr. Harold R. Clark View
00-0201 Regulatory Compliance Services Mr. Chris Corea View
98-0400 Tamaya Chemical Corporation Mr. Steven Charles Hun View
08-0219 HMT Associates, L.L.C. Mr. Edward Altemos View
02-0239 The Fertilizer Institute Pain Guffain View
10-0238 URS Corporation Ms. Erin Jarman View
00-0303 Currie Associates, Inc. Mr. John V. Currie View
99-0305 U.S. Department of Transportation Mr. John D. Steinhoff View
00-0193 Hazardous Materials Advisory Council Mr. Vaughn Arthur View
12-0117 URS Corporation Ms. Erin N. Jarman View
98-0239 Ms. Donna J. Buckinger View
00-0270 Mississippi Transport, Inc. Mr. Thomas H. Hamilton View
11-0288 Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. Ms. Ana Zax View
14-0201 ESCI EnviroServices, Inc Mr. Steven M. Lichten View
98-0159 Atotech USA Inc Mr. Scott Waddell View
14-0079 New York State Department of Transportation Mr. Robert Montgomery View
09-0273 Dow Corning Corporation Mr. Stephen V. Moser View
00-0228 Dangerous Goods Management Mr. Gilbert A. de Chauvigny de Blot View
99-0065 Sacramento Blood Center Ms. Catherine J. Feiock View
03-0194 Fisher Scientific LLC Mr. Gene Sanders View
05-0214 Supresta Built-In Defense Dr. Andy Wang View
15-0130 Green Environmental Consulting Ms. Peggy Haase View
10-0238R URS Corporation Ms. Erin Jarman View
00-0306 Chemtech Finishing System Ms. Stephanie Williams View
07-0089 LND, Inc. Mr. Spencer B. Neyland View
10-0012 Detector Electronics Corporation Mr. Jon Varner View
15-0072 Compliance Plus Servicves, Inc. Ms. Denise Ernest View
07-0186 SPT Technology, Inc. Ms. Mary Van Horne View
06-0065 Neupauer Industries Inc. Mr. Harold Zimmerman View
16-0064 OR-CAL Inc. Ms. Brooke Baker View
14-0220 Premium Environmental Services Mr. Tom Stone View
99-0051 Southwest Research Institute Mr. Robert M. Valdez View
08-0234 NASA Wallops Flight Facility Mr. Ernest Conwell View
12-0268 Koppers Inc. Ms. Erin S. Murray View
00-0308 US Environmental Protection Agency Mr. David Friedman View
09-0116 Logistics OMG Americas, Inc. Mr. Patrick Foster View
98-0402 LAX Civil Aviation Security Mr. Frank L. Webb View
09-0069 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
13-0223 Mr. William Briner View
12-0162 Kiddie Fenwal Inc. Mr. Gil Walton View
04-0108 Pacific Asphalt Services Company Mr. Gordon R. Crawley View
06-0040 Marquis Spas Mr. Gary Kertz View
14-0146 Det-Tronics Mr. Lee Zwiefelhofer View
09-0056 Mr. Gene Sanders Thermo Fisher Scientific View
11-0239 Huntsman Corporation Raymond Papciak and Mike Stillwell View
08-0231 Shane Havoc Consulting, LLC Mr. Gregory Sutherland View
16-0020 Nebraska State Patrol Sgt. Brad Wagner View
13-0231 Universal Well Services, Inc Mr. Tom Cloud and Ms. Janell Agnew View
09-0135R Pinella County Utilities Mr. Josh Lynch View
04-0096 Chemical Lime Company Mr. Kevin Anderson View
06-0241 LND, Inc. Mr. Spencer B. Neyland View
14-0167 Currie Associates, Inc. Mr. Tom Ferguson View
04-0270 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Vincent R. Hill, Ph.D., P.E. View
11-0252 Diamon-Fusion International, Inc. Ms. Ana Zax View
12-0122 Ohio Transportation Department Mr. Tom Forbes View
16-0171 Alaska Airlines, Inc. Mr. Mike Tobin View
02-0292 U.S. Geological Survey Dr.Stephen R. Moulton View
09-0147 AP Training, Inc. Mr. Hank Baird View
05-0131 Holman Fenwick & William Mr. Rory Butler View
06-0242 Solvay Chemicals, Inc. Dr. Marc A. Feldman, CQM/OE  View
14-0169 A.S. Trust & Holdings, Inc. Mr. Richard Maruya View
07-0105 General Environmental Management, Inc. Alexander Amort View
06-0042 State of New Jersey Mr. Robert Gomez View
15-0186 Dangerous Goods of America Mr. Fred Romero View
06-0166 American Pyrotechnics Association Mr. Gregg Smith  View
09-0150R Wiley Rein LLP Mr. George Kerchner View
05-0318 Director, Manufacturing Mr. Mike Conway View
06-0244 Fisher Scientific
International, Inc.
Mr. Gene Sanders View
09-0160 National Electrical Manufacturers Association Mr. Kyle Pitsor View
07-0113 Waste Technology Services, Inc. T.L. Nebrich. Jr., CHMM, QEP. REM View
06-0039 Shane Havoc Consulting, LLC Dr. Gregory J. Sutherland  View
10-0130 Syngenta Mr. Eric Kelly View
06-0168 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Mr. Herb Debban  View
12-0086 Pelchem Mr. EG Valkenburgh View
06-0005 Byfield Marine Supply Mr. Keith L. Mauer View
16-0066 Dangerous Good of America Mr. Fred Romero View
07-0235 Petroleum Transportation & Storage Association Mr. Mark Morgan, Esq. View
04-0276 Karden Associates, Inc. Mr. Denis Sapiro View
11-0223 Lockheed Martin - Sippican Mr. Matthew Sears View
15-0227 Artisan EHS Consulting, LLC. Mr. David Comen View
02-0039 DCm DECOmetal International Trading GrnbH Maria Posch View
15-0048 Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc. Mr. Tom Mueller View
05-0061 Spurrier Chemical Companies, Inc. Mr. Bruce F. Lavery View
08-0024 Environmental Quality Management, Inc. Stone Point Landing Mr. Joseph D. Biss View
08-0105 Vital Diagnostics Ms. Hardy View
05-0230 U.S. Department of Labor Mr. Michael P. Valoski View
07-0063 U.S. Coast Guard Sector Juneau Lieutenant Rob Nakama View
05-0004 Bennett Environmental Inc. Ms. Kelly Noelle View
13-0236 Komatsu America Corporation Ms. Roxanna Marchand View
09-0146 Westinghouse Electric Company Mr. Michael D. Alston View
05-0142 The AN Group Mr. Robert J. Fersterheim View
09-0269 Elkem Metals Inc. Mr. George Scott View
12-0160 Donovan Marine, Inc. Mr. Keith Mauer View
05-0317 Director, Manufacturing Jerry Jones, Ph.D. View
15-0201 Arkema Ms. Christina Kurtz View
04-0122 Wallace & Scott, I.I.P Mr. H. Pierce Scott View
12-0061 David L. McLamb, Inc. Mr. David L. McLamb View
09-0219 Mr. Ronald B. Johnstone View
05-0062 Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. Ms. Dianna F. Lee View
98-0230 BOC Gases Mr. John N. Thompson View
10-0166 Horizon Lines, LLC Mr. Cliff Bartley View
04-0285 The Field Museum Ms. Jolynn Parchen View
11-0242 Dynax Corporation Chang Jho, Ph.D. Dynax Corporation View
11-0125 Mr. Hank Sheller View
98-0240 Musashino Chemical Laboratory, Mr. Yukawa Muneaki View
07-0087 The Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc. Mr. John V. Currie View
05-0132 nanoCoolers Mr. Craig Johnston View
12-0181 Railroad Regulatory Safety Services Mr. Raymond Kasey View
15-0187R Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Bryan Gay View
98-0415 ROMIC Environmental Technologies Corp. Mr. Kurt Swart View
09-0233 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
04-0058 Sherwin Williams Environmental, Health, & Regulatory Services Ms. Sandra Basham View
11-0122 Safety Management Services Inc. Mr. A. Garn Butcher View
09-0248 Dangerous Goods Advisory Council Mr. Frits Wybenga View
00-0108 Hazmateam, Inc. Mr. Paul J. Dambek View
16-0129 National Cargo Bureau Mr. Edward Walker View
09-0169R MXI, Inc. Mr. Ronald S. Potter View
07-0003 Commonwealth of Virginia Department of State Police Sgt. David P. Feather View
09-0068 Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Ferry Mr. Timothy W. Wiseman View
09-0239 Hexion Specialty Chemicals Mr. Rich Daley Logistics View
06-0224 Rohm and Haas Company Ms. Carrie Wayne View
04-0046 W. M. Barr & Co Mr. John Rhodes View
09-0259 Revance Therapeutics, Inc. Mr. Philip Perotti View
10-0153 Public Health, Seattle and King County Mr. William Perry View
04-0253 LSL Industries, Inc. Mr. Hussein View
11-0183 Rit-Chem Co., Inc. Mr. Henry L. Ritell View
09-0194 Costco Wholesale Mr. Dale Anderson View
07-0097 McGowan Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Jim Falls View
07-0047 Fluoro-Seal International Mr. Paul J. Crook View
09-0020 Horizon Lines, LLC Mr. Cliff Bartley View
14-0244 FSA Tech Services Mr. Gustavo Navar View
00-0361 Bee Research Laboratory Mr. Jan Kochansky View
11-0127 Veolia Environmental Services Ms. Jennifer Eberle View
07-0100 Petroleum Transportation & Storage Association Mr. Mark Morgan, Esq. View
08-0108 Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. Mr. A.B. Eargood View
05-0205 Gallagher & Kennedy Mr. Chris S. Leason View
09-0024 Lia BD Consulting Barry Lia, Ph.D. View
15-0085 Transport Corp. of America Mr. Greg Payne View
15-0169 Amazing Products Inc. Ms. Jackie Skaggs View
07-0101 Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
16-0054 Infotrac, Inc. Mr. Jason Kob View
08-0291 Evonik Degussa Corporation Mr. John Foglio View
10-0028 Total Reclaim, Inc. Ms. Peggy Halferty View
98-0252 H. A. Holden, Inc. Mr. Philip M. Hayden View
15-0222 COWAN Mr. J. David Shaeffer View
04-0161 URS Corporation Mr. Andrew N. Romach View
10-0084 Commercial Chemical Mr. David L. Turnage View
16-0201 EnviroServices & Training Center, LLC Mr. Gregory Perry View
08-0308 URS Corporation Ms. Erin N. Jarman View
09-0037 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. Gene Sanders View
01-0046 Shell Chemicals Mr. David Mashinski View
15-0223 Lloyd's Register EMEA Mr. Nigel Tijou View
07-0076R Natural History Museum Of Los Angeles County Mr. Leonard M. Navarro   View
11-0054 Environmental Management Ms. Misha Gonzales View
04-0073 MOL America, Inc Mr. Fumie Sloan View
09-0008 Mr. Patrick Oppenheimer FedEx Express View
03-0209 Mr. Lovell Goodwin View
02-0305 Keller and Heckman LLP Michael F. Morrone View
14-0069 Environmental Management, Inc. Mr. Jamie Newton View
13-0053 OBO/CFSM/FAC/PS, Ms. Heidi I. Barranco-Fisher View
09-0076 Arkema, Inc. Ms. Christina M. Kurtz View
07-0006 Sasol North America, Inc. Ms. Sheryl Small View
00-0350 National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. Mr. John L. Conley View
02-0037 Dr. Arnel D. Potte View
11-0128 Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Mr. Brian Allen View
00-0095 Professional Services Industries Mr. Paul B. Medwig and Mr. Scott Bischoff View
06-0197 United States Coast Guard MST2 Danielle Galligan  View
08-0259 Entergy Corporation Mr. Bob Hayden View
07-0007 Foley & Lardner, LLP Ms. Katherine E. Lazarski View
03-0037 Regulatory Resources, Inc. Mr. Wade A. Winters, CET, CHMM View
10-0024 ATMI Mr. James McManus View
08-0123 Mr. Mark. M. Baron View
07-0053 Allied Universal Corporation Mr. Robin J. Eddy Bolte View
10-0039R Nuclear Diagnostic Products Mr. Ken Ali View
07-0120 The Fertilizer Institute Ms. Pam Guffain  View
16-0182 Tom Dunaway and Associates, Inc. Mr. Tom Dunaway View
10-0055 MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company Mr. Douglas E. Lunstra View
10-0011 Mr. Michael Coletta View
09-0029 Northland President, Inc. Mr. Richard Maxwell View
01-0324 Peerless Coatings, Inc. Ms. Sandra Via View
10-0047 Material Innovations, Inc. Mr. Andrew Stephan, Ph.D. View
17-0001 MIdway USA Mr. Bradley Spears View
08-0138 Polymerics, Inc. Mr. William R. Sanderson View
10-0057 Material Innovations, Inc. Mr. Andrew Stephan, Ph.D. View
02-0300 Binex, Inc Gary L. Hansen View
09-0049 Thermo Fisher Scientific Mr. John G. Mayfield View
06-0012 Mr. Anthony J. Kesslak View
11-0088 Honeywell International, Inc. Ms. Carrie Wayne View
03-0302 Anitox Corporation Ms. Linda Isbill View
10-0059 Bureau of Waste Prevention Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Mr. Bill Sirull Chief View
14-0248 R&S Compliance group, LLC. Mr. David Rivers View
07-0095 Mr. Rick Kite View
06-0021 Intertek Caleb Brett New Orleans Mr. Scott Fenwick View
06-0232 Premier Trading Group Mr. Dub Phillips View
01-0064 Defense Logistics Agency Mr. F. Kevin Reilly View
00-0355 Safety-Kleen Inc Ms. Jean M. Soltys View
05-0118 Mr. Joe Cleveland View
08-0267 National Electrical Manufacturers Association Mr. Kyle Pitsor View
04-0195 General Hydroponics Mr. Cal Herrmann ScD View
05-0232 Kilgore Flares Company, LLC Mr. David W. Herbage View
10-0081 Gilmore Environmental Consulting, LLC Mr. John Thompson View
03-0277 Leak Location Services, Inc. Mr. Daren L. Laine View
02-0123 Waste Management, Inc DonnaAmes-Cassick View