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Section §175.10: Exceptions for passengers, crewmembers, and air operators

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A written regulatory interpretation, response to a question, or an opinion concerning a pipeline safety issue may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Office of Pipeline Safety (PHP–30), PHMSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590–0001 or at the email address: In addition to email address, the requestor must include his or her return address and should also include a daytime telephone number. Requests should be submitted at least 120 days before the time the requestor needs a response.

Note: electronic submission is provided as alternative to the 49 CFR Part 190.11(b) mail-in requirement.

The regulations text of the section can be found on the eCFR website. To view the regulations text, use the link below. For assistance, please send an email to

View section 175.10 on the ECFR website

Interpretation Responses

Ref ID Date Company Name Individual Name Response Document
23-0051 Orbiter, Inc. Gregory M. Stewart View
20-0032 Andres A. Burgos View
18-0091 Hazmat Safety Consulting LLC Bob Richard View
19-0054 Joseph Tsiyoni View
19-0002 Cabeau Inc. David Sternlight View
18-0156 Mr. Joseph Tsiyoni View
18-0072 Steinbrecher & Span LLP Sophy Chen View
17-0081 COSTHA Ms. L’Gena Shaffer View
44 Blue Productions LLC Mark Hamaguchi View
17-0103 Federal Air Marshall Service Headquarters J. Michael Moore View
16-0124 Bluesmart, Inc Mr. Brian Chen View
17-0115 C.H.&I Technologies, Inc. Eric WIlliams View
17-0060 Council on Safe Transport of Hazardous Articles, Inc. L'Gena Shaffer View
00-0206 Alaska Airlines Ms. Marilyn Dirkx View
02-0231 Dassault Falcon John Ross View
16-0067 Mr. Francis J. Mendez View
00-0147 Scenic Airlines, Inc. Mr. Tom O'Dell View
15-0069 Mr. Joseph Tsiyoni View
15-0111 Oxus America Mr. Ryan Lenaric View
03-0129 Midwest Express Airlines Mr. David Puhl View
10-0236 Mr. Peter Lowe View
00-0172 MedCenter Air Mr. Michael Keller View
12-0199 AirSep Corporation Mr. Richard W. Boerdner View
03-0105 Chautauqua Airlines Mr. John E. Martiney View
01-0309 AirTran Airways, Inc. Mr. Gregory R. Curtis View
12-0252 CHART-SeQual Technologies, Inc. Mr. Ben Kadrlik View
02-0193 Bioject, Inc. Tom Brooks View
16-0006 Mr. Joseph Tsiyoni View
99-0294 United Airlines Mr. Carl B. Kole View
11-0285 Philips Respironics Mr. Joseph E. Olsavsky View
08-0030 MaxPower, Inc. Mr. Frank H. Cassel View
14-0127 TASER International, Inc. Ms. Holly Gibeaut View
07-0091 Abbott Ms. Alicia Gaines View
07-0200 Republic Airways Holdings, Inc. Mr. Tom Ausbury View
98-0335 National Institute of Standards and Technology Mr. T.G. Hobbs View
11-0295 Precision Medical, Inc. Mr. Jim Parker View
15-0098 United States Department of Interior Mr. Greg Lawler View
07-0210 University of California, Los Angeles Ms. Carol S. Marcus View
10-0267 Dive Xtras, Inc. Mr. Ben McGeever View
14-0029 Republic Airways Holdings Mr. John E. Martiney View
12-0245 VBOX Inc. Mr. Andy Linn View
06-0119 Ontech Delaware, Inc. Michael S. Slocum, Ph.D.  View
06-0103 Law Offices of Michael J. Pangia, P.C. Mr. Michael J. Pangia View
14-0066 Council on the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc. Ms. L’Gena Shaffer View
10-0221 Metropolis Industries, LLC Mr. Kyle Long View
04-0142 Arkansas Children"s Hospital Wes Ware View
06-0073 Netjets, Inc. Mr. D. Richard Meikle View
01-0129 AirTran Airways, Inc Mr. Gregory R. Curtis View
13-0177 CHART-SeQual Technologies, Inc. Mr. Neal Maloy View
12-0019 Council on the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc. Mr. Tom Ferguson View
05-0149 Swingless Golf Club Mr. Jim DePorche View
16-0200 Teleflex Mr. Jay White View
14-0217 Southwest Airlines Co. Mr. Ben Pritchett View
12-0044 Council on the Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles, Inc. Mr. Tom Ferguson View
17-0010 Baker & McKenzie LLP Ms. Jennifer Trock View
09-0140 DGM Consulting Resources Mr. Jim Shinko View
14-0146 Det-Tronics Mr. Lee Zwiefelhofer View
14-0157 Alaska Airlines Mr. Mike Tobin View
14-0197 Philips Respironics Ms. Collen Witt View
04-0125 Dr. H. Tiit Tohver View
10-0163 SeQual Technologies, Inc. Ms. Pamela J. Jackson View
03-0018 Arkansas Children's Hospital Mr. Wes Ware, BS, RRT, NREMT View
07-0111 Dr. Lilly Langer View
08-0250 Republic Airways Holdings Mr. John E. Martiney View
08-0253 Kajuligan Corporation Mr. Clifford E. Croft View
09-0249 Dangerous Goods United Airlines Ms. Nancy Finkenkeller View
05-0201 Mr. Michael J. Pangia, P.C View
15-0002 Invacare Corporation Ms. Carol Vierling View
05-0215 SeQual Technologies, Inc. Ms. Pamela J. Jackson View
07-0078 Bioject, Inc. Mr. Kris Richard  View
06-0159 Matthews Associates, Incorporated Mr. David Hopkins View
11-0124 SiGNa Chemistry Mr. Michael Lefenfeld View
09-0018 Bioject, Inc. Mr. David Stark View
10-0034 Global Green Services, Inc. Ms. L'Gena Prevatt View
14-0145 U.S. Department of the Interior Kim A Thorsen View
14-0150 U.S. Department of Justice Mr. Ronald B. Turk View
14-0150 U.S. Department of Justice Mr. Ronald B. Turk View
11-0072 AirSep Corporation Mr. Richard W. Boerdner View
14-0188 Alaska Air, SEADG Mr. Ron Fink View
08-0147 ComSonics, Inc. Mr. Daniel Brown View
03-0314 Transportation Security Administration Mr. Mark Lendvay View
05-0304 Photographic Solutions, Inc. Mr. David Stone View
09-0024 Lia BD Consulting Barry Lia, Ph.D. View
08-0011 Digital Innovations Mr. David Martin View