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Archived HazMat Rulemakings: 1976-1978

Hazmat Rulemakings from 1976-1978
FR DateRule NameDocket NumberRulemaking ActionFR Citation
12/28/1978Blasting AgentsHM-143FR43 FR 60472
12/18/1978Location of Manholes & Certification Plate - Cargo TanksHM-136FR43 FR 58818
12/18/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139ANPRM43 FR 58834
12/11/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR 57891
12/11/1978Blasting AgentsHM-143FR43 FR 57898
12/11/1978IM Portable TanksHM-167NPRM43 FR 58050
12/11/1978HM on AircraftHM-168NPRM43 FR 57928
12/4/1978Transportation of AsbestosHM-HM-160FR43 FR 56664
11/30/1978Metric Equivalence for Quantity LimitationsHM-HM-162FR43 FR 56043
11/30/1978Shipment of Hazardous Materials by WaterHM-HM-166NPRM43 FR 56070
11/2/1978Miscellaneous Amendments to ChapterHM-56FR43 FR 51020
10/26/1978Highway Routing of Radioactive Materials; Public HearingHM-HM-164ANPRM43 FR 50006
10/19/1978Miscellaneous Amendments to ChapterHM-56FR43 FR 48641
10/5/1978Color Coding - Compressed Gas PackagingsHM-141NPRM43 FR 46050
10/2/1978Predesignation & Revision - RSPAHM-165FR43 FR 45366
9/25/1978Predesignation & Revision - RSPAHM-165FR43 FR 43305
9/18/1978Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles; HighwayHM-110FR43 FR 41401
9/7/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR 39788
9/7/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM43 FR 39835
9/7/1978Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144FR43 FR 39792
8/17/1978Withdrawal of BOEHM-163FR43 FR 36445
8/17/1978Highway Routing of Radioactive Materials; InquiryHM-HM-164ANPRM43 FR 36492
8/10/1978I-Bars on Steel DrumsHM-121FR43 FR 35485
7/20/1978I-Bars on Steel DrumsHM-121FR43 FR 31138
7/13/1978Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144FR43 FR 30057
7/10/1978Polyethylene DrumHM-119FR43 FR 29562
6/29/1978Metric Equivalence for Quantity LimitationsHM-HM-162NPRM43 FR 28216
6/8/1978Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144NPRM43 FR 24865
6/8/1978Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22FR43 FR 24844
6/8/1978Placarding Extension for Nurse TanksHM-HM-103; HM-112FR43 FR 24845
6/5/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM43 FR 24335
5/25/1978Transportation of Hazardous Waste Materials HM-HM-145ANPRM43 FR 22626
5/18/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR 21462
5/18/1978Specification 3AX, 3AAX, & 3T CylindersHM-99FR43 FR 21461
5/11/1978Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144NPRM43 FR 20250
5/4/1978Detonators & Detonating PrimersHM-161NPRM43 FR 19242
4/27/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR 17942
3/30/1978Specification 3AX, 3AAX, & 3T CylindersHM-99FR43 FR 13382
3/16/1978Quantity Limits RAMHM-150FR43 FR 10917
3/6/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR
3/2/1978Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR43 FR 8519
3/2/1978Transportation of AsbestosHM-HM-160NPRM43 FR 8562
2/23/1978Interlocking Couplers and Restriction of Capacity of Tank CarsHM-38FR37 FR 7436
2/23/1978Hazardous Materials Table and Hazardous Materials Communications Regulations; Forbidden MaterialsHM-HM-159ANPRM43 FR 7449
2/16/1978Empty Canadian Tank CarsHM-158FR43 FR 6786
2/6/1978Incorporation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations by ReferenceHM-HM-157FR43 FR 4858
1/26/1978Prohibit Construction of 112A/114A Tank CarsHM-125NPRM43 FR 3598
1/19/1978Flatting Test for Seamless CylindersHM-156NPRM43 FR 2741
1/16/1978Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144FR43 FR 2180
1/9/1978Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22NPRM43 FR 1369
12/27/1977Extend Service Life - 3HT CylindersHM-146FR42 FR 64628
12/19/1977Extend Service Life - 3HT CylindersHM-146FR42 FR 63644
12/5/1977DOT 17H-ModificationsHM-140FR42 FR 61464
12/5/1977Interlocking Couplers and Restriction of Capacity of Tank CarsHM-38FR42 FR 61465
11/14/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR42 FR 58937
11/10/1977Extension of Placarding Compliance DateHM-HM-103; HM-112FR42 FR 58522
11/10/1977Hydrogen Peroxide Water Solutions Transported by VesselHM-HM-112FR42 FR 58524
11/7/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR42 FR 57964
9/29/1977Development of Regulations for the Transportation of Hazardous WasteHM-HM-145SANPRM42 FR 51625
9/17/1977Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144FR42 FR 46306
9/15/1977Requirement RAM on AircraftHM-152NPRM42 FR 46373
9/12/1977Drum Specification ConsolidationHM-155ANPRM42 FR 45696
9/12/1977Consolidation of Bag SpecificationsHM-HM-153ANPRM42 FR 45695
9/12/1977Consolidation of Box SpecificationsHM-HM-154ANPRM42 FR 45695
9/1/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 43993
9/1/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 43994
9/1/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 43995
8/29/1977Blasting AgentsHM-143NPRM42 FR 43416
8/22/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR42 FR 42206
8/8/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 40003
7/21/1977Requirement RAM on AircraftHM-152NPRM42 FR 37427
7/21/1977Proposed Inspection and Monitoring Requirements for Radioactive Materials--Withdrawal of NoticeHM-HM-131NPRM42 FR 37426
7/5/1977Label & Placard ColorsHM-151 FR42 FR 34283
6/23/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 31815
6/23/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 31817
6/6/1977Consolidation of Hazardous Materials RegulationsHM-HM-103; HM-112FR42 FR 28888
6/6/1977New Hazardous Materials Placards; Date On Which Use Becomes MandatoryHM-HM-103; HM-112FR42 FR 28951
6/2/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR42 FR 28132
5/26/1977Quantity Limits RAMHM-150NPRM42 FR 27002
5/3/1977Air Transportation of Limited Quantities of Low-Level Radioactive Materials; Exemption RenewalHM-HM-149FR42 FR 22366
4/7/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM42 FR 18409
4/7/1977Conversion of Exemptions (clearer)HM-139NPRM42 FR 18410
4/7/1977Conversion of Exemptions (clearer)HM-139NPRM42 FR 18411
3/28/1977Air Transportation of Small Quantities of Materials Exhibiting Very Low Levels of RadiationHM-HM-149NPRM42 FR 16459
3/10/1977Environmental and Health Effects MaterialsHM-HM-145ANPRM42 FR 13309
2/28/1977Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR42 FR 11238
2/7/1977Gallium MetalHM-137FR42 FR 7140
2/7/1977Correct ORMsHM-148FR42 FR 7139
1/27/1977Carbon Dioxide on AircraftHM-147FR42 FR 5059
1/13/1977HM ReissuanceHM-134FR42 FR 2688
1/13/1977Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144NPRM42 FR 2709
12/30/1976Hazard Information SystemHM-103; 112FR41 FR 57018
12/23/1976Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR41 FR 55876
12/16/1976Extend Service Life - 3HT CylindersHM-146NPRM41 FR 54958
12/16/1976Approval of Bulk Tanks for Transportation by AirHM-HM-128FR41 FR 54942
12/9/1976Environmental and Health Effects MaterialsHM-HM-145ANPRM41 FR 53824
11/29/1976Specifications for Pressure Tank Car TanksHM-144NPRM41 FR 52324
11/29/1976Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22FR41 FR 52300
11/26/1976Blasting AgentsHM-143NPRM41 FR 52083
11/15/1976Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139FR41 FR 50262
11/4/1976Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM41 FR 48553
10/12/1976Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles; HighwayHM-110NPRM41 FR 44712
10/12/1976Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22NPRM41 FR 44711
9/30/1976Conversion of Individual Exemptions to Regulations of General ApplicabilityHM-HM-139NPRM41 FR 43188
9/30/1976Conversion of Individual Exemptions to Regulations of General ApplicabilityHM-HM-139NPRM41 FR 43189
9/30/1976Conversion of Individual Exemptions to Regulations of General ApplicabilityHM-HM-139NPRM41 FR 43190
9/30/1976Conversion of Individual Exemptions to Regulations of General ApplicabilityHM-HM-139NPRM41 FR 43191
9/30/1976Color Coding of Compressed Gas PackagesHM-HM-141ANPRM41 FR 43188
9/24/1976HM ReissuanceHM-134FR41 FR 40475
9/23/1976DOT 17H-ModificationsHM-140NPRM41 FR 41713
9/20/1976Hazard Information SystemHM-103; 112FR41 FR 40614
9/13/1976Conversion of ExemptionsHM-139NPRM41 FR 38779
9/9/1976HM ReissuanceHM-134FR41 FR 38167
9/9/1976HM ReissuanceHM-134FR41 FR 38175
9/9/1976Preemption and Enforcement ProceduresHM-HM-138FR41 FR 38167
9/2/1976Gallium MetalHM-137FR41 FR 37114
7/8/1976Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles; HighwayHM-110FR41 FR 27968
7/6/1976Classification of New Explosives and Shipment of Samples of Explosives; Editorial ChangesHM-HM-116FR41 FR 27728
6/24/1976Consolidation of Hazardous Materials RegulationsHM-HM-103; HM-112FR41 FR 26014
5/26/1976Tank Car Tank Head ShieldsHM-109FR41 FR 21475
5/6/1976Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22FR41 FR 18656
5/4/1976Inspection and Testing Requirements for Cylinders Manufactured Outside United StatesHM-HM-74FR41 FR 18412
4/30/1976Location of Manholes & Certification Plate - Cargo TanksHM-136NPRM41 FR 18093
4/28/1976Certification of Cargo Tanks and Placarding of Motor VehiclesHM-135FR41 FR 17735
4/21/1976Switching of Freight CarsHM-120NPRM41 FR 16661
4/20/1976Tank Car Tank Head ShieldsHM-109NPRM41 FR 16571
4/15/1976Carbon Dioxide on AircraftHM-147NPRM41 FR 15972
4/15/1976Consolidation of Hazardous Materials RegulationsHM-HM-103; HM-112FR41 FR 15972
4/15/1976Consolidation of Hazardous Materials RegulationsHM-HM-112FR41 FR 15972
4/9/1976Classification of New Explosives and Shipment of Samples of ExplosivesHM-HM-116FR41 FR 15013
3/17/1976Cylinders Manufactured Outside United StatesHM-HM-74; HM-74ANPRM41 FR 11179
3/12/1976Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22NPRM41 FR 10627
3/3/1976HM ReissuanceHM-134NPRM41 FR 9188
2/23/1976Definition of Flammable & Combustible LiquidsHM-133FR41 FR 7947
2/19/1976Domestic Agents for Non-Residents of the United StatesHM-HM-127FR41 FR 7509
2/5/1976Hazard Information SystemsHM-HM-126ANPRM41 FR 5347
1/27/1976Ethylene Oxide; Opening in Tank Car HeadsHM-HM-100FR41 FR 3869
1/27/1976Bottom Outlets Valves on MC 312 Cargo TanksHM-HM-124FR41 FR 3869
1/23/1976Use of Hazardous Materials Packagings Authorized Under ExemptionsHM-HM-127FR41 FR 3477
1/13/1976Cylinders Manufactured Outside United StatesHM-HM-74NPRM41 FR 1919