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Fireworks Celebration

The 2018 American Pyrotechnics Association (APA) Standard 87-1 A, B, and C have been adopted into full use and Incorporated by Reference (IBR) into the 49 Code of Federal Regulations beginning November 26, 2021. Since this time PHMSA has created Firework Brochures providing stakeholders a high level overview of these standards. The PHMSA Firework Brochures can be found here.


All explosives must be in compliance with 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). UN0335, Division 1.3G Display Fireworks; UN0336, Division 1.4G Consumer Fireworks; UN0336, 1.4G Fireworks for [Professional use Only] and UN0431 Articles, pyrotechnic for professional purposes may be classed and approved by the Associate Administrator without prior examination and offered for transportation if the fireworks meets the requirements in §173.64, which requires a firework device be manufactured in accordance with the American Pyrotechnic Association (APA) Standard 87-1 A, B, and C - IBR as part of the HMR. The Sciences and Engineering Division, within PHMSA's Office of Hazardous Materials Safety processes the applications and if approved, a formal Classification of Explosives letter is issued on behalf of the Associate Administrator signifying the new explosive is approved for transportation and assigned an "EX Number".

PHMSA revised the HMR applicable to the approval of Division 1.4G consumer fireworks UN0336 and established DOT-approved fireworks certification agencies (FCA) that provide an alternative to the approval process for Division 1.4G consumer fireworks. Now manufacturers of Division 1.4G consumer fireworks have the option of applying to a DOT-approved FCA instead of applying to PHMSA. The FCA will notify the manufacturer, in writing if the fireworks have been certified, classed and assigned an FC number or if the application is denied (see 49 CFR § 173.65). For additional information on the FCA program follow the links that have been provided in the webpage.

PHMSA has developed a new IT system which includes a new Fireworks application system. Please visit PHMSA Portal at This new system will lead to faster processing times while providing more visibility of the application process and easier tracking of the application. During the transition process, there may be some delays in data entry and changes in the ways that applicants receive information. The system allows the applicant to enter their own information and receive instant feedback on the completeness and accuracy (rather than waiting up to a week to find out a document is missing) of the application. This helps the applicant to skip the data entry queue and provides a shorter processing time.

Please Note: Prior to submitting the request in the PHMSA Portal, the applicant must create an account. The account provides the ability to start an application for a new firework approval, save changes, and return to it later. The PHMSA review process does not begin until the application is completed and "SUBMIT" is selected by the applicant.

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