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Energetic Materials FAQs

Q1. I have an Explosives Classification Approval (EX) with a seven-digit number and I understand that the U.S. Department of Transportation's Office of Approvals has changed the numbering system to a 10-digit number. Will my company have to apply for a new number? May I use packagings, labels and/or stamps with the old number?

A1. At the beginning of the Year 2000, it became necessary to revamp the CA numbering system, and the 10-digit numbering system was developed. The old seven-digit number (and in a few cases, the nine-digit number) and the new 10-digit number are interchangeable. It is NOT necessary to apply for a new number. For all CA's including renewals (which include EX Approval letters) the new 10-digit number will be used. If your company is using packagings, labels, and/or stamps with the old number, you may continue to use them until your supply has been exhausted. All new packagings, labels and/or stamps must have the new number on them.

Q2. I am with a branch of the Department of Defense and I need a copy of an existing Competent Authority Classification of Explosives (EX approval letter) so that I can move some (military) explosives through the commercial transportation system. How can I obtain a copy of an existing EX letter (for military purposes)?

A2. To obtain a copy of an existing EX approval letter issued to the U.S. Department of the Army's Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) (formerly known as the Military Traffic Management Command (MTMC)), you may contact a DOD representative, at 618-220-5041 or send a fax to 757-878-8205. The SDDC has access to all copies of EX letters issued to the SDDC or MTMC and serves as the point of contact for all requests for copies of existing EX approval letters.

Q3. I submitted an application to obtain an EX classification approval and I have been checking my fax machine for a faxed copy of the EX approval letter. So far nothing has been sent. What is the time frame for obtaining a EX approval letter?

A3. The approval processing time is up to 120 days for EX classification approvals. We are now sending EX approval letters via e-mail. If the e-mail address is unavailable, we will send the EX approval letter via fax. A copy will be mailed when the e-mail address or fax number has not been provided. It is possible that the EX approval letter was sent via e-mail and the e-mail address that was provided was inaccurate. It is vital for you to provide a valid e-mail address with your application.

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Last updated: Tuesday, December 19, 2017