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Marine Damage Prevention


Marine Damage Prevention


In response to marine pipeline incidents, such as the gas pipeline struck by a dredge in Matagorda Bay near Port O'Connor, Texas, in April 2018, the Council for Dredging and Marine Construction Safety (CDMCS) Pipeline Task Force was formed. This task force included representatives from the dredging and marine construction industry, pipeline industry and government agencies, including PHMSA, to address safety concerns in marine environments as they relate to interactions between vessels and pipelines. These important industries operate in common areas and collaboration with dredging and marine stakeholders is critical to ensuring safety to persons, property, and the environment.

In January 2020, the CDMCS Pipeline Task Force issued two documents for mariners to prevent incidents caused by vessel interactions with pipelines and other critical oil and gas infrastructure. The "Pipeline Incident Prevention Recommended Best Practices Guide for Safe Dredging near Underwater Gas & Hazardous Liquid Pipelines" and the "Checklist for Safe Dredging near Underwater Gas & Hazardous Liquid Pipelines" that addresses pipeline safety, damage prevention, and emergency response in the marine environment. All mariners and pipeline personnel involved in dredging and marine construction activities should consider this guide and checklist a valuable resource.