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PERIs in PHMSA's Southern Region

PERIs in PHMSA's Southern Region
Alabama Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative
ALPERI has developed an 8-hour training course based on the GPERI training, which has been delivered several times at regional office locations across the state
  • Reid Vaughn, AL Fire College
FloridaCurrently, four training courses have been developed and funded by several municipal and interstate transmission pipeline operators. The courses were offered at Florida's 2019 HAZMAT Symposium
  • Dale Calhoun, FL Natural Gas Association
Georgia Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative
The first PERI, GPERI has to date reached approximately 4,000 emergency responders with one of its training 4-, 8-, or 16-hr training courses.
  • Marcus Warren, Emergency Management Bartow County
  • Kyle Hamby, Lawrenceville, GA
North Carolina
North Carolina Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative
The NCPERI steering committee continues to work toward finalizing a training program and establishing a legal entity to monitor and improve PERI over time.
  • Mark Burkhalter, Dixie Pipeline
South Carolina
South Carolina Pipeline Emergency Response Initiative
The SCPERI steering committee has developed an awareness-level curriculum that was delivered in a non-pilot format for the first time in March 2019. Currently, the SC Fire Academy delivers the training, including managing registrations and tracking attendance.
  • Glen Boatwright, York County Natural Gas Authority

Interested in starting a PERI in your state and your state is not listed? Contact your state's Community Liaison to inquire about a PERI.

Updated: Tuesday, April 2, 2019