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Archived Pipeline Rulemakings: 1993-1994

Pipeline Rulemakings from 1993-1994
FR DateRule NameDocket NumberRulemaking ActionRulemaking PhaseCitation Link
12/2/1994Alcohol misuse prevention programPS-128final rule, response to petition for reconsideration and request for clarification of final ruleFR59 FR 62242
12/2/1994Alcohol misuse prevention programOST-49384Final RuleFR59 FR 62234
12/2/1994Random Drug Testing ProgramOST-48498final  ruleFR59 FR 62218
10/19/1994Passage of intrumental internal inspection devicesPS-126notice of proposed rulemaking-correctionNPRM59 FR 52863
9/30/1994Passage of intrumental internal inspection devicesPS-126notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM59 FR 49896
8/19/1994Procedures for Transportation Worplace Drug and Alcohol Testing ProgramsOST-49713final ruleFR59 FR 42996
8/11/1994Pressure testing older hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelinesPS-121final rule partial withdrawalFR59 FR 41259
8/3/1994Qualification of Pipeline PersonnelPS-94notice of proposed rulemaking-withdrawalNPRM59 FR 39506
8/2/1994Excess flow valves installation on service linesPS-118notice of proposed rulemaking, reopening of comment periodNPRM59 FR 39319
7/12/1994Transportation of hazardous liquids at twenty percent or less of specified minimum  yield strengthPS-117final ruleFR59 FR 35465
6/28/1994Regulatory review:  Hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipeline safety standardsPS-127final ruleFR59 FR 33388
6/7/1994Pressure testing older hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelines PS-121final ruleFR59 FR 29379
4/12/1994Passage of instrumental internal inspection devices.PS-126final ruleFR59 FR 17275
3/21/1994Customer Owned Service LinesPS-135supplemental notice of proposed rulemakingSNPRM59 FR 13300
2/15/1994Alcohol misuse prevention programPS-128final ruleFR59 FR 7426
2/15/1994Limitation on alcohol use by transportation workersRIN 2137-AC21final rule-common preambleFR59 FR 7302
2/15/1994Procedures for transportation workplace drug and alcohol testingOST-49384notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM59 FR 7367
2/15/1994Random Drug Testing ProgramOST-48498notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM59 FR 7614
2/15/1994Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing ProgramsOST-48513final ruleFR59 FR 7340
2/11/1994Operation and maintenance produres for piplinesPS-113final ruleFR59 FR 6579
2/3/1994Customer owned service linesPS-135notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM51 FR 5968
1/19/1994Emergency flow restricting devices/leak detection systemsPS-133advance notice of proposed rulemakingANPRM59 FR 2802
12/23/1993Management Information System (MIS) For Workplace Drug Testing ProgramsPS-129final rule-common preambleFR58 FR 68194
12/23/1993Drug Testing:  Management Information System (MIS) Standardized Data Collection and ReportingPS-129final rule-common preambleFR58 FR 68258
10/22/1993Leakage surveys on distribution lines located outside business districtsPS-123final ruleFR58 FR 54524
9/16/1993Gas detection and monitoring in compressor station buildingsPS-100final ruleFR58 FR 48460
8/27/1993Update of standards incorporated by reference; correctionPS-131correction to a final ruleFR58 FR 45268
3/18/1993Update of standards incorporated by reference PS-131final ruleFR58 FR 14519
3/3/1993Transportation of hazardous liquids at twenty percent or less of specified minimum yield strengthPS-117notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM58 FR 12213
2/23/1993Allocation Formula for State GrantsPS-119final ruleFR58 FR 10985
2/8/1993Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing ProgramsOST-48637notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM58 FR 7506
2/5/1993Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing ProgramsOST-49384notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM58 FR 7197
2/3/1993Excess flow valve-customer notificationPS-118Anotice of proposed rulemakingNPRM58 FR 21524
1/5/1993Response plans for onshore oil pipelines PS-180IFR with request for commentsIFR58 FR 244
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