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Standards and Rulemaking Overview

The Office of Pipeline Safety's Standards & Rulemaking division periodically issues rulemaking documents that propose or adopt changes to the regulations. You may participate in the rulemaking process by filing written comments on any rulemaking document that asks for comments, attending a public meeting, or by filing a petition for rulemaking that asks us to add, amend, or delete a regulation.

In addition to proposing and finalizing rules, the division posts notices, advisory bulletins, special permits and state waivers, interpretations, and NTSB recommendations issued to the Office of Pipeline Safety. 

This site does not include all the documents associated with a particular rulemaking. If you want to review all the documents associated with a particular rulemaking or if you want to comment on a rule, please visit

Pipeline Safety Laws, Regulations, and Rulemaking

Standards Incorporated by Reference

PHMSA currently incorporates by reference more than 60 standards and specifications published by standard developing organizations (SDO's) into 49 CFR Parts 192, 193, and 195. For more information, please visit the Standards Incorporated by Reference page.