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Archived Pipeline Rulemakings: 1991-1992

Pipeline Rulemakings from 1991-1992
FR DateRule NameDocket NumberRulemaking ActionRulemaking PhaseCitation Link
12/15/1992Alcohol misuse prevention programPS-128notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 59712
12/15/1992Drug Testing; Management Information System (MIS) Standardized data collection and reportingPS-129notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 59720
12/15/1992Random Drug Testing ProgramOST-48498advance notice of proposed rulemakingANPRM57 FR 59778
11/27/1992Regulatory Review:  Hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipeline safety standardsPS-127notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 56304
11/20/1992Passage of intrumental internal inspection devicesPS-126notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 54745
11/6/1992Regulatory reinvention initiative; Pipeline safety program procedures; Reporting requirements; gas pipeline standards and liquified natural gas facilities standardsPS-125notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 53085
9/9/1992Gas Pipeline Operating Above 72 Percent of Specified Minimum Yield StrengthPS-115advance notice of proposed rulemakingANPRM57 FR 41119
8/31/1992Regulatory Review; gas pipeline safety standardsPS-124notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 39572
7/28/1992Control of drug use in natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and hazardous liquid pipeline operationsPS-102correction to a final ruleFR57 FR 33392
7/14/1992Control of drug use in natural gas, liquified natural gas and hazardous liquid pipeline operationsPS-102direct final rule, modification of date of rule implementation DFR57 FR 3128
3/4/1992Allocation Formula for State GrantsPS-119notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM57 FR 7705
12/5/1991Inspection and burial of offshore gas and hazardous liquid pipelinesPS-120final ruleFR56 FR 63771
10/23/1991Leakage surveys on distribution lines located outside business districtsPS-123notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM56 FR 54816
10/8/1991Transportation of carbon dioxide by pipelinePS-112final rule extension of time for compliance and response to petition for reconsiderationFR56 FR 50665
9/25/1991Gas gathering line definition; Alternative definition for onshore lines and new safety standardsPS-122notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM56 FR 48505
8/19/1991Amendment of an operators plans or procedures; PS-114final rule correction of amendatory instructionFR56 FR 41077
8/19/1991Amendment of an operators plans or proceduresPS-114final ruleFR56 FR 31087
7/19/1991Amendment of an operator's plans or procedures; correctionPS-114final rule correct agency numberFR56 FR 33208
6/12/1991Transportation of carbon dioxide by pipelinePS-112final ruleFR56 FR 26922
5/22/1991Pressure testing older hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelinesPS-121notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM56 FR 23538
4/29/1991Inspection and burial of offshore gas and hazardous liquid pipelinesPS-120notice of proposed rulemakingNPRM56 FR 19627
4/24/1991Control of Drug Use In Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operations PS-102final ruleFR53 FR 18986
3/18/1991Transportation of Hydrogen Sulfide by PipelinesPS-106notice of proposed rulemaking NPRM54 FR 11490
2/25/1991Allocation Formula for State GrantsPS-119advance notice of proposed rulemakingANPRM56 FR 7636
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