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Oxygen Gas Generator

A chemical oxygen generator is a device containing compounds that upon activation release oxygen as a product of a chemical reaction. Chemical oxygen generators are found in devices such as passenger service units (PSU) for aircraft and portable breathing equipment.

A chemical oxygen generator that is shipped with an explosive or non-explosive means of initiation attached must be classed and approved by the Associate Administrator in accordance with § 173.56.

Follow the instructions on the Explosives page, How to apply for an Explosives Approval, to obtain an EX letter.
For more information on packaging and shipping chemical oxygen generators see § 173.168.

The explosive approval request should contain the following:

  • Request Letter as described in 49 CFR 107.705
  • Examination and class recommendation report from a DOT-Approved Explosive Test Lab or a recognized competent authority of a foreign government.
  • A complete summary table for all the explosive compositions contained in the explosive substance or article, the percentages by weight shown and the composition of all mixtures specifically enumerated.
  • Engineering drawings in 8.5 X 11 in. format of all the explosive articles with names, product number or drawing numbers that correspond to the class recommendation report.
  • Designation of Agent (This applies to foreign manufacturers only).

Requests for confidential treatment must be marked in accordance with 49 CFR 105.30.