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Hazardous Materials: Reverse Logistics (RRR)

Notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM).

PHMSA is proposing to revise the Hazardous Materials Regulations applicable to return shipments of certain hazardous materials by motor vehicle. PHMSA proposes a definition for "reverse logistics" for hazardous materials that are intended to be returned to or between a vendor, distributor, manufacturer, or other person for the purpose of returning for credit, recalling product, replacement, or similar reason (for instance, from a retail or wholesale outlet). PHSMA proposes to establish a new section in the regulations to provide an exception for materials that are transported in a manner that meets the definition of "reverse logistics." In this exception, PHMSA proposes to clearly identify the hazardous materials authorized, packaging, hazard communication, and training requirements applicable to reverse logistics shipments. In addition to providing a new reverse logistics exception, this rulemaking also proposes to expand an existing exception for reverse logistics shipments of used automobile batteries that are being shipped from a retail facility to a recycling center.

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