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ERG2016 Windows software

ERG Windows Software version 4.0.388 (Feb 21,2018)

Previous versions of the ERG Windows Software must be uninstalled. The 4.0.388 version includes bug fixes for the protective distance mapping function for spills, and includes an integrated update feature which will allow future versions of the ERG Windows Software to install within the application.

The ERG Windows Software application requires at least 20 megabytes of hard disk space and the Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.6.1 SP1. The application installer will detect if an installation/upgrade of .NET is required on your computer, and will automatically download and install it if internet connectivity is available. Some users may see a warning notice that the file is an unrecognized app even though the file is signed with a current certificate from the US Department of Transportation. If this occurs, do the following:

  • Select "More Info"
  • Press the "Run anyway" button.
  • Proceed with the installation.
Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2018