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Corrections to the ERG2016

  1. ERRATA on page 296 of the ENGLISH version only: For UN1051 (Hydrocyanic acid, aqueous solutions, with more than 20% Hydrogen cyanide / Hydrogen cyanide, anhydrous, stabilized / Hydrogen cyanide, stabilized), there is an error with one of the distances found in Table 1 - Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances. In the section LARGE SPILLS for DAY, the correct distance should be 1.1 km (and not 3.7 km). This modification do not apply to UN1051 - AC (when used as a weapon).

    ERRATA Page 296 of ERG2016
  2. ERRATA on page 13 of the ENGLISH and FRENCH version: There is an error with the Guide Number assigned to the image of the Compressed Gas/Tube Trailer. The correct Guide number should be Guide 117 (and not Guide 137).
    ERRATA Page 13 of ERG2016
  3. ERRATA on page 13 of the SPANISH version only: There is an error in the descriptive text for the DOT412, TC412, SCT312, MC312, TC312 road trailer. The last bullet indicates the wrong pressure. The pressure should be 15 psi (and not 25 psi).
    ERRATA on Page 13 of Spanish ERG2016
  4. ERRATA on page 383 of the SPANISH version only: There is an error within the explosives compatibility group explanation. The last group indicates "O" but the correct group is "S". S Sustancias o artículos empacados que, si se inician accidentalmente, producen efectos que usualmente están confinados a los alrededores donde se encuentran.
Last updated: Thursday, April 6, 2017