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Data Operations Overview

Data Operations supports PHMSA's vision for a risk-based, data-driven organization where PHMSA improves hazardous materials transportation data collection to better target the data needed to manage serious risks and detect emerging risks.

Data Operations Mission

The Data Operations mission is to protect people and the environment by collecting and managing hazardous materials transportation incident data to support agency-wide programs and inform decision-making. Incident data is critical to understanding the risks of transporting hazardous materials, specifically the consequences posed to both people and the environment and the likelihood of occurrence. Through data collection, quality reviews, validation, analysis, and dissemination, Data Operations manages incident data to ensure accurate, reliable, and timely data is provided to stakeholders. This data helps inform decision-making, such as setting priorities; developing policy; budgeting and allocating resources; developing rulemakings and supporting analysis; informing research; targeting inspections; measuring performance; and communicating with stakeholders.

Data Operations Vision

Data Operations' vision is to provide timely and reliable hazardous materials transportation incident data to all stakeholders in support of PHMSA's mission. Data Operations will continuously work to leverage new technologies and find innovative ways to improve data collection and management, providing stakeholders with a streamlined data collection process and confidence in the reliability of Data Operations incident data.

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 14, 2020