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State Oversight

PHMSA is authorized to reimburse a state agency up to 80 percent of the agency's actual cost for carrying out its pipeline safety program, including the cost of personnel and equipment. The actual amount of federal reimbursement depends upon the availability of appropriated funds and the state's pipeline safety program's performance. A state agency's program performance is based on PHMSA's annual Program Evaluation and Progress Report scoring of each state agency.

The Program Evaluation considers a state's performance in achieving established goals for pipeline safety programs set by PHMSA. The Program Evaluation includes an on-site review of the states inspection, compliance, accident investigation, training, and excavation damage prevention records and activities.

The Progress Report scoring gives consideration to the states extent of safety authority over pipeline operators, inspector qualifications, inspection days accomplished, adoption of maximum civil penalty amounts, progress adopting amendments to federal regulations, adoption of one call requirements, and attendance at the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representative meetings. PHMSA also provides federal grant funding in support of preventing excavation damage to underground facilities which is a leading cause of pipeline incidents.

Program Evaluations

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Federal Awards to State Pipeline Safety Programs

CY2014 (PDF - 66KB)

CY2015 (PDF - 68KB)

CY2016 (PDF - 68KB)

CY2017 (PDF - 68KB)

State Guidelines

Guidelines for States Participating in the Pipeline Safety Program (PDF - 8.34 MB)

Updated: Friday, September 14, 2018