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FY 2024 Q2 FOIA Log

FY 2024 Q1 FOIA Log

FY 2023 Q4 FOIA Log

FY 2023 Q3 FOIA Log

FY 2023 Q2 FOIA Log

FY 2023 Q1 FOIA Log

FY 2022 Q4 FOIA Log

FY 2022 Q3 FOIA Log

FY 2022 Q2 FOIA Log

FY 2022 Q1 FOIA Log

FY 2021 Q4 FOIA Log

FY 2021 Q3 FOIA Log

FY 2021 Q2 FOIA Log

FY 2021 Q1 FOIA Log

FY 2020 FOIA Log

FY 2019 FOIA Log

FY 2018 FOIA Log

FY 2017 FOIA Log

**FOIA logs are posted in PHMSA's FOIA Electronic Reading Room under Category 4 – Frequently Requested Records. The logs are posted on an annual basis by fiscal year. In order to make the logs publicly available, the logs are reviewed and in some instances the entries are modified, for example, by removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII).