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Field Operations

Field Operations Investigators

About Field Operations

PHMSA's  Office of Hazardous Materials Safety (OHMS) Field Operations division serves to ensure transportation safety and security by conducting compliance, incident and accident response and investigations, performing safety, performance and regulatory adequacy and fitness determinations; executing outreach, education and training activities; and providing feedback, information and intelligence through its nationwide operations. Inspecting entities that offer hazardous materials for transportation; and that manufacture, requalify, rebuild, repair, recondition, or retest packaging (other cargo tanks and tank cars) used to transport hazardous materials.


“Is to ensure transportation safety and security by providing compliance oversight of entities affecting the movement of hazardous materials in the United States and its territories.”


“Is to reduce the risks inherent to hazardous materials movement through inspections, investigations, and outreach activities.”

The core values of Field Operations are:
Public – Professional – Excellence

  • Public safety and environmental protection are our ultimate goal.
  • Professional representation of PHMSA enhances the hazardous materials leadership role of the agency.
  • Excellence to commitment in properly executing our safety and security functions ensures the trust of the public, PHMSA, and the Department of Transportation.
Updated: Wednesday, December 20, 2017