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Mechanical Fitting Failure Data from Gas Distribution Operators

Mechanical Fitting Failure Data from Gas Distribution Operators

Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR Parts 191, 192) requires gas distribution pipeline operators to submit reports on an annual basis of all hazardous leaks that involve a mechanical fitting (DOT Form PHMSA F-7100.1-2). The CFR defines a hazardous leak, as well as criteria for submitting reports to the Office of Pipeline Safety. The following kinds of information are collected:

  • Key Report information
  • Date and Location information
  • Type of Mechanical Fitting Involved information
  • Apparent Cause of Leak information
  • Manufacturer information

The reports are used for identifying long- and short-term trends at the national, state and operator-specific levels. The frequency, causes, and fittings involved provide insight into the safety metrics currently used by PHMSA, state partners, and other pipeline safety stakeholders, including the pipeline industry and general public. PHMSA also uses the data for inspection planning and risk assessment.

Mechanical Fitting Failure Reporting (MFFR) Requirements

Pipeline System TypeHazardous Leak DefinitionMFFR Criteria and RequirementsSubmission Requirements for Written Reports
Natural Gas Distribution49 CFR 192.100149 CFR 192.100949 CFR 191.12

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Updated: Monday, September 11, 2017