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GG Integrity Assurance Notifications

PHMSA gas gathering regulations require operators to submit these notifications:

Start/End Point Delay Onshore §192.8(b)(2) ...operators unable to complete a determination of gathering start and end points by November 16, 2022 must submit the notification no later than 90 days before November 16, 2022...

Compliance Delay Type C §192.9(g)(4)(ii) ...operators not able to comply with GG Type C safety requirements by May 16, 2023 must submit no later than 90 days before May 16, 2023...

Composite Materials Type C §192.9(h) ...operators using composite materials not otherwise authorized for use in GG Type C must submit at least 90 days prior to installing composite materials...

MAOP Determination Type C §192.619(c)(2) ...operators not able to determine the actual operating pressure of GG Type C for the five years preceding May 16, 2023 submit proposed MAOP determination method...

Click here to view summary information about notifications submitted by operators.

PHMSA's regulations include two methods for operators to submit notifications.

Operators should provide pertinent information about the reason for the notification and the pipeline system, or systems, relevant to the notification. Operators are reminded that PHMSA regulations require operators to provide certain notifications to State pipeline safety agencies.

Methods for Submittal to PHMSA

By e-mail to:

By mail:

ATTN: Information Resources Manager
East Building, 2nd Floor (PHP-20), E22-321
1200 New Jersey Ave SE
Washington, DC 20590

Last updated: Wednesday, August 10, 2022