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Special Permits Withdrawn, Expired or Terminated

Expired Pipeline Special Permits
Operator System Docket Number Issue Date
Northern Natural Gas Company Gas Transmission System PHMSA-2005-20323 May 6, 2022
Columbia Gas Transmission Co Gas Transmission PHMSA-2008-0345 Jun 15, 2017
Columbia Gulf Gas Transmission PHMSA-2008-0330 Oct 9, 2015
Texas Gas Transmission LLC (TXGT-KY) Gas Transmission PHMSA-2008-0159 Oct 21, 2014
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Gas Transmission PHMSA-2006-26618 Aug 19, 2014
Dominion Transmission Inc.  Gas Transmission  PHMSA-2006-26528 Apr 2, 2014
Sabine Pass LNG, L.P. LNG PHMSA-2006-25735 Sept 19, 2011
Dominion Pipeline Gas Transmission PHMSA-2010-0121 Oct 6, 2010
Paiute Pipeline Co. Gas Transmission PHMSA-2009-0100 Oct 16, 2009
Texas Eastern Transmission Gas Transmission PHMSA-2007-27121 Sept 23, 2009
Gas Transmission Northwest Corp. Gas Transmission PHMSA-2008-0157 Jul 31, 2009
Transwestern Pipeline Co LLC Gas Transmission PHMSA-07-27121 Dec 15, 2008
Chesapeake Appalachia LLC Gas Transmission PHMSA-2006-26532 Jul 6, 2007
Freeport LNG Development LP Gas Transmission PHMSA-06-25734 Apr 2, 2007
Maritimes and Northeast Gas Transmission PHMSA-2005-23448 Jul 11, 2006
Columbia Gas Gas Transmission RSPA-2003-16841 Mar 23, 2004
Portland Natural Gas Transmission Gas Transmission RSPA-03-15733 Mar 4, 2004
Montana Public Service Commission     May 17, 2002
Williams Gas Pipeline West Gas Transmission RSPA-2001-10867 Jan 24, 2002
Montana Public Service Commission     Apr 17, 2000
Columbia Gas Gas Transmission P-85-2W Nov 2, 1995
Many Operators Gas Transmission P-93-2W Feb 27, 1995
Amoco Gas Transmission P-94-1W Nov 28, 1994
Panhandle Eastern Gas Transmission P-90-1W Mar 10, 1993
Northwest Pipeline Corporation Gas Transmission P-91-4W Apr 6, 1992
ANR Pipeline Co. Gas Transmission P-91-2W Aug 8, 1991
Southern Natural Gas Gas Transmission RSPA-P-87-3W Jan 22, 1988
Southern Natural Gas Co Gas Transmission P-87-3W Jan 19, 1988
International Paper Co. Gas Transmission 85-6W Jan 13, 1986
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co Gas Transmission 84-6W Sep 28, 1984
Florida Gas Pipeline Gas Transmission 83-1W Oct 6, 1983
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Co. Gas Transmission 82-2W Dec 1, 1982
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co Gas Transmission 82-4W Aug 16, 1982
Tennessee Gas Pipeline (El Paso) Gas Transmission RSPA-82-4W Aug 16, 1982
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Haz Liq non-HVL 79-10W Jun 6, 1982
Northern Border Pipeline Co. Gas Transmission 82-3W May 5, 1982
LOOP Inc. Haz Liq non-HVL 80-10W May 1, 1981
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Gas Transmission 77-13W Dec 3, 1979
Shell Pipeline Co. Haz Liq non-HVL 79-6W Oct 4, 1979
Algonquin Gas Transmission (Spectra) Gas Transmission 77-3W Dec 1, 1978
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Haz Liq non-HVL OPSO-77-8W Aug 17, 1977
Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Gas Transmission 76-4W Jun 22, 1977
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co Gas Transmission 77-8W Jun 10, 1977
Phillips Pipeline Haz Liq non-HVL 77-5 May 5, 1977
Columbia Gulf Transmission Gas Transmission 77-W1 Feb 16, 1977
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Haz Liq non-HVL 76-10W Sep 1, 1976
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Haz Liq non-HVL 75-13W Aug 16, 1976
Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. Haz Liq non-HVL 76-11W Aug 3, 1976
Buckeye Haz Liq non-HVL P-75-5 Sep 15, 1975
Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline Gas Distribution 76-14W Nov 16, 1973
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Gas Distribution OPS-19 Aug 16, 1973
New Orleans Public Service Co. Gas Transmission OPS-16 Aug 22, 1972
Transcontinental Gas Pipeline Corp Gas Transmission OPS-6 Apr 30, 1971
Northern Natural Gas Gas Transmission OPS-6 Jan 21, 1971
United Gas Pipeline Co. Gas Transmission OPS-12 Jan 12, 1971
Last updated: Monday, January 9, 2023