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Archived Rulemaking: Editorial and Technical Revisions


In rule document 92-23042 beginning on page 45445 in the issue of Thursday, October 1, 1992, make the following corrections: § 171.8 [Corrected] 1. On page 45453, in § 171.8, in the third column, in the eighth line, "199" should read "119". § 172.101 [Corrected] 2. On page 45454, in § 172.101, in the second column, in 10 h., "Asbestos" is misspelled. 3. On page 45455, in § 172.101, in 10 oo., in the second line, insert a comma following oils. - 4. On page 45456, in § 172.101, in the second column of the table, in the first entry for White Asbestos, "antinolite" should read "actinolite". 5. On page 45457, in § 172.101, in the fourth column of the table, remove "NI A" in the next to the last entry. § 172.102 [Corrected] 6. On page 45458, in § 172.102, in the second column: a. In note T28., in the second line, "(c)(70(ij" should read "(c)(7)(i)". b. In note T39., in the second line, "(c)(70)(iO" should read "(c)(7}(i)". § 173.314 [Corrected] 7. On page 45464, in the first column, the section heading should read as set forth above. § 177.848 [Corrected] 8. On page 45465, in the table, "%" should read "4/5" each place it appears. Appendix B [Corrected] 9. On page 45466, in the first column, in entry 91., in the second line, "he" should read "the".

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Last updated: Monday, August 27, 2018