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Ongoing Projects

This page details ongoing projects OHMS's R&D program is funding.


Project Title Contractor

Metal Foams Development for Rail Cars - SBIR

Advanced Materials Manufacturing

Research and Regulation of Polymerizing Materials During Transportation

APT Research

Classification and Research of the Transportation of Bio-Derived Fuel

APT Research

Mitigating the Risks and Consequences Associated with Hazardous Material Packaging Rupture

APT Research

Fine Grain Metal Powder Standards for Consumer Pyrotechnics

APT Research

Development of Annual Hazmat Packaging and Commodity Flow Data

Census Bureau

Solidification of Natural Gas Hydrates for Transportation

Colorado School of Mines

Improved Reaction to Fire Test for Particulate Metals and Method to Evaluate the Efficacy and Limitations of Liquid Suppressant Agent(s) for Metal Fires and Waste Hazard Reduction

Fire and Materials Research Laboratory

Metal Foams Manufacturing for Railcars - SBIR iOS

Modeling of Current Standards for Selecting Pressure Vessel Steels (DOT Packaging) to Transport Hydrogen-Bearing Gases

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Composite Metal Foams for Impact Protection North Carolina State University 
Metal Foams Manufacturing for Railcars - SBIR Powdermet

Packaging Technique to Defeat Fires and Explosions due to Lithium-Ion and Related High-Energy-Density Batteries


Development and Testing of New Materials for Improving Thermal Protection Systems to Mitigate Rail Transport Risk of Flammable Liquids Mitigate Rail Transport Risk of Flammable Liquids

Rutgers University

Default Classification of Thermites


Evaluation of Shipping Pipes Used to Transport Explosives under DOT-SP-8451

Southwest Research Institute

Honeycomb Encapsulated Phase Change Material Composites for Battery Transportation Safety

Virginia Commonwealth University

Costs Associated with Delays of Rail Shipment of Hazardous Materials

Volpe Transportation Center

Separation Distance of Hazardous Materials Cars and Train Crews and/or Locomotives - Literature Review

Volpe Transportation Center

Performance Specification of Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Materials for Highway Cargo Tank Packaging

Volpe Transportation Center

Nurse Tank Safety Analysis

Volpe Transportation Center

Thermo-Mechanical Responses of FRP Composite Jacketing for Tank Cars under Impact and Fire

West Virginia University

High Strain Rate Rupture and Fragmentation of Aluminum Cylinders



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