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Section §178.601: General requirements

Below are the available interpretations and guidance for the given section. To return to the list of parts, use the Parts link above. If you do not see any guidance or interpretation information below, that means there is none available for the given part/section. Return to the search page to browse additional regulations sections.

PHMSA has published several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents on regulatory topics. Please review our FAQ documents below:

Additionally PHMSA has Hazardous Materials FAQs based on letters of interpretation on the following topics:

This section of the website provides the ability to find regulations information including regulations parts, content of sections, and interpretations for regulations sections. Below is a list of parts, identified by the part number and subject. To browse sections by part, click on the subject link below. You will be taken to the eCFR website to view sections for a part.

A written regulatory interpretation, response to a question, or an opinion concerning a pipeline safety issue may be obtained by submitting a written request to the Office of Pipeline Safety (PHP–30), PHMSA, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1200 New Jersey Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20590–0001 or at the email address: In addition to email address, the requestor must include his or her return address and should also include a daytime telephone number. Requests should be submitted at least 120 days before the time the requestor needs a response.

Note: electronic submission is provided as alternative to the 49 CFR Part 190.11(b) mail-in requirement.

The regulations text of the section can be found on the eCFR website. To view the regulations text, use the link below. For assistance, please send an email to

View section 178.601 on the ECFR website

Interpretation Responses

Ref ID Date Company Name Individual Name Response Document
23-0067 Andelyn Biosciences Dave Curl View
22-0057 Department of The Army Mr. Thomas Kudasz View
22-0101 Entegris Inc. Mr. James V. McManus
19-0018R Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles Tom Ferguson View
21-0040 Department of the Army, Army Sustainment Command (ASC) ASC Packaging, Storage, and Containerization Center Logistics, Testing, and Applications Division Ryan Roberts View
21-0019 Burlington Products, Inc. Bill Greene View
21-0021 XPO Logistics – Supply Chain Erin Sineath View
20-0054 Defense Logistics Agency Joshua Hess View
20-0010 AECOM Techincal Services Andy Romach View
19-0059 Midway USA Bradley Spears View
19-0004 Mauser Packaging Solutions Tatiana Smoleeva View
18-0144 Abbott Action, Inc. Mr. Brian French View
18-0055 Alden Medical LLC Mr. Chris Corridn View
06-0129R Ben Barrett View
07-0029R DG Advisor, LLC Ben Barrett View
17-0121 Ben Barrett View
17-0050 Regulatory Resources, Inc. Mr. Wade A. Winters View
11-0282R Ms. Kathy S. Gentry View
05-0084 TG Miss Dun Corporation Ms. Debbie Huber View
98-0341 Bell Container Corporation Ms. Elaine Walicky View
00-0283 Timberline Packaging Incorporated Mr. Gary L. Cohen View
11-0282 Ms. Kathy S. Gentry View
05-0095 Ropak Packaging, West Division Mr. Terry Iker View
01-0166 Taylor-Wharton Mr. Marc Richardson View
06-0071 Rieke Packaging Systems Mr. Gary Baughman View
07-0029 TEN-E Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck    View
06-0129 C.L. Smith Company Mr. Lonny Jaycox  View
03-0090 Lansmont Corporation Ms. Tramy Lieu View
00-0320 Defense Logistics Agency Ms. Linda McCarthy View
12-0120 Greif, Inc., Rigid Industrial Packaging & Services, North America Mr. Jordan J. Brodsky View
99-0137 Southcorp Packaging USA, Inc. Mr. Stephen E. Danek View
05-0025 C.L. Smith Company Mr. Lonnie Jaycox View
98-0043 Container-Quinn Testing Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Stephen C. Powell View
00-0269 Cadbury Schweppes Mr. William Eaton View
12-0138 Southeast Testing and Engineering Mr. Charles Radev View
15-0090 Inova Diagnostics Allison Fowler View
00-0076 Berry Packaging of SC, Inc. Mr. Ron Stanley View
02-0124 Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc John H. Rutherford View
12-0096 HMT Associates, L.L.C. Mr. E.A. Altemos View
08-0224 Strem Chemicals, Inc. Mr. Jason Stevens View
13-0187 Westpak, Inc. Mr. Pal Khangaldy View
02-0221 Alloy Products Corporation Peter El-Sabaaly View
98-0213 International Fibre Drum Institute Mr. Gordon Rousseau View
11-0041 TEN-E Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck View
06-0269 Inmark, Inc. Mr. Junius "Jay" Johnson  View
13-0201 Hedwin Corporation Ms. Cheryl Defelice View
00-0138 Corrugated Container Corporation Mr. John Byers View
13-0010 Inmark Packaging Mr. Jay Johnson  View
98-0589 Ten-E Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck View
06-0270 Entegris, Inc. Mr. Kevin Bevis View
10-0200 Hazmat - CDMAT Mr. Harry Woods View
09-0185 Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America IPANA/SSCI Mr. John A. McQuaid View
99-0005 Package Research Laboratories Ms. Sue E. Pelletier-Bruno View
98-0284 The Boeing Company Mr. Scott Chapman View
99-0054 Ten-E Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck View
12-0250 Southeast Testing & Engineering Mr. Charles Radev View
13-0017 Inmark Packaging Mr. Jay Johnson View
15-0144 Labelmaster Services Mr. Robert Richard View
08-0310 SFB Plastic, Inc. Mr. John Fosse View
00-0152 Green Bay Packaging Inc. Mr. David Teames View
00-0216 Greif Bros. Corporation Mr. Gerald A. Gordon, Sc.D. View
11-0259 ENPAC, LLC Mr. Timothy Reed View
15-0233 Inmark Packaging Mr. Jay Johnson View
12-0007 Lighter Association, Inc. Mr. David H. Baker View
10-0167 Implant Technologies Mr. James V. McManus View
13-0009 Bway Corporation Mr. Harold DePriest View
98-0585 Stone Container Corporation Mr. Richard M. Thomas View
09-0191 All-Pak Inc. Mr. Christian Prickett View
05-0141 TEN-B Packaging Services, Inc. Mr. Robert J. Ten Eyck View
05-0102 Hazmatpac Certified Packaging Mr. Donald H. Hausrnann View
99-0254 Russell-Stanley Mr. Earl V. Lind View
00-0342 Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation Mr. Richard M. Thomas View
11-0048 Container-Quinn Testing Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Stephen C. Powell View
06-0029 Fortco Plastics, Inc. Mr. Stephen Jetter View
09-0157 Hibrett Puratex Mr. John P. J. Madden View
05-0037 Brand-Nu Laboratories, Inc. Mr. Paul Lombardo View
10-0016 Entegris, Inc. Mr. Kevin Bevis View
08-0165 Black Forest Marketing, LLC Mr. Tom Leftwich View
08-0129 Volunteer Drum Mr. Jack Oody View
16-0154 TEN-E Packaging Services Inc. Mr. Robert TenEyck View
07-0009 gh Package & Product Testing and Consulting, Inc. Mr. H. Perry Hock View
04-0035 Estes-Cox Corporation Ms. Mary Roberts View
02-0026 TEN-E Packaging Services, Inc Robert J. Ten Eyck View
04-0068 Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc Mr. John H. Rutherford View
02-0126 Allied Universal Corporation Robin J. Eddy Bolte View