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Interpretation Response #PI-71-058 ([Anderson Greewood Company] [Frank Bright])

Below is the interpretation response detail and a list of regulations sections applicable to this response.

Interpretation Response Details

Response Publish Date:

Company Name: Anderson Greewood Company

Individual Name: Frank Bright

Location State: TX Country: US

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Response text:

Mr. Frank Bright
Anderson Greewood Company
Box 400
Billaire, Texas 77401

Dear Mr. Bright:

Mr. Buxton, Mr. Jack Baker and I had a conference on June 15 regarding testing of relief valves,
Mr. Baker's position as Director of Codes is that a relief valve should be tested to the same
specifications as a plug, gate or ball valve used in the same location. Briefly, this means, that
valves 6" and smaller should have the same test as API-6D, 8" and larger shall be tested for 12
hours shell and 3 hours seat (if applicable), with pressure-temperature test charts submitted. In
the case of ordinary valves the latter is referred to as a PL-203 test, and is an extra cost item.

Mr. Buxton's information was that you relied on DOT paragraph 192.505 D92), using the
prototype approach. We are interested in knowing whether other companies will accept this. Mr.
Baker does not approve of this approach, instead would refer to paragraph 192.145.

Please let us know your price schedule for a test that will match API 6D. I am enclosing a PL-
203 specification form. Much does not apply, but Section IV through 4.82 does seem to fit relief
valves. Since this applies to 8" and up, please estimate such a testing cost.

An early reply will be appreciated.

Very truly yours,

P.W. Nelson

Regulation Sections

Section Subject
192.505 Strength test requirements for steel pipeline to operate at a hoop stress of 30 percent or more of SMYS