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Interpretation Response #PI-74-0146

Below is the interpretation response detail and a list of regulations sections applicable to this response.

Interpretation Response Details

Response Publish Date: 11-13-1974
Individual Name: Mr. Richard T. Logan
Location state: MS    Country: US

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Request text:

Richard T. Logan
123 South Commerce Street
 Natchez, Mississippi 39120

October 10, 1974

Mr. Ceasar DeLeon
Office of Pipe Line Safety
400 7th Street Southwest
Washington, D. C. 20590

RE:          Texas Eastern Transmission Pipe Line Crossing

SAP 79 (20), Wilkinson County, Mississippi

Please find enclosed a set of plans on State Aid Project Number

SAP 79 (20), showing Texas Eastern Transmission's pipe line crossing.

Please note, on page 4 at approximate Station 59 + 52, that the pipe line is presently 6 feet in the ground. We propose to build a road over said ground and will be 4 feet above the present route, leaving a total fill depth of 10 feet. This will be a paved rural county road, which qualifies in the State Aid program. The traffic count is only 100 ADT. We are not going to move, relocate or disturb the present pipe line.

Under these conditions as stated above, will the present pipe line need: (1) encasement, or (2) change class location, or (3) change operating pressure.

Please advise me at your earliest convenience, in order that we may proceed with this project.

Very truly yours,
Richard T. Logan, County Engineer
Wilkinson County, Mississippi

Response text:

November 13, 1974

Mr. Richard T. Logan
Professional Engineer
P.O. Box 456
Matches, MS 39120

Dear Mr. Logan:

This responds to your letter of October 10, 1974, advising that a paved road will be constructed 110 feet above a buried gas transmission line without disturbing the line. You ask what effect the construction will have on the pipeline respecting requirements for (1) encasement, (2) class location, and (3) operating pressure in 49 CFR Part 192.

Because the existing pipeline will not be replaced, relocated or otherwise changed due to construction of the road, the Federal gas pipeline safety standards concerning encasement would not apply. The class location of the pipeline as determined by 49 CFR 192.5 would not be changed as a result of the construction. Because operating pressure is related to class location under the Federal standards, there would be no change in allowable operating pressure.

We trust this satisfactorily responds to your inquiry.


Original signed by:
Joseph C. Caldwell
Office of Pipeline Safety

Regulation Sections

Section Subject
§ 192.5 Class locations