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Interpretation Response #02-0245 ([Mutual Liquid Gas & Equipment Co., Inc.] [Ron Stover])

Below is the interpretation response detail and a list of regulations sections applicable to this response.

Interpretation Response Details

Response Publish Date:

Company Name: Mutual Liquid Gas & Equipment Co., Inc.

Individual Name: Ron Stover

Location State: CA Country: US

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Response text:

DEC 11, 2002

Mr. Ron Stover                                                     Ref. No. 02-0245
Mutual Liquid Gas & Equipment Co., Inc.
17117 South Broadway
Gardena, CA 90248-3191

Dear Mr. Stover:

This is in response to your letter dated September 9, 2002, regarding the placement of placards on a portable tank. Specifically you ask if a portable tank authorized to be placarded on only two sides under § 172.514(c) must be placarded on its longitundinal sides or if it may be placarded on its ends?

The placarding requirement specified in § 172.504 require each pulk packaging, freight container, unit load device, transport vehicle or rail ccar containing any quantity of hazardous material to be placarded on each side and each end. Section 172.514 provides an exception which allows a portable tank havinga capacity of less than 3,785 L (1,000 callons) to be placarded on only two opposite sides. Packagings meeting § 172.514(c) may be placarded on two opposing longitundinal sides, or on two opposing ends provided they meet the visibility and display of placards requriemnts in § 172.516.

I hope this satisfies your inquiry. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us.


John A. Gale
Transportation Regulations Specialist
Office of Hazardous Materials Standards


OCT 10, 1995

Mr. John Cario

Stolt-Nielsen, Inc.
15602 Jacintoport Boulevard
Houston, Texas 77015

Dear Mr. Cario:

This is in response to your letter dated July 31, 1995, regarding the requirement in § 172.326 applicable to placement of the proper shipping name on a portable tank. You asked if the requiremepe for marking the proper shipping name on a portable tank refers to only two opposing longitudinal sides or could the proper shipping name be marked on two opposing ends of the portable tank?

The marking requirement specified in § 172.326(a)(l) requires the proper shipping name of the hazardous material being offered for transportation be shown on two opposing sides of the portable tank. Depending on the shape of the portable tank (e.g., round, square, or rectangular), the differences in what would be considered "opposing sides" may vary. For example, a elongated, spherical, cross-section portable tank may have ends that are concave (sunken); consequently, the proper shipping name must be appropriately placed on the two longitudinal at lengthwise opposing sides of the tank for better visibility, and not on each end (front and back). Conversely, for a portable tank which has a square or rectangular shape, the proper shipping name would be appropriately placed on two "opposing" sides, which may mean "front to back" (facing forward and backward) or "side to side" (longitudinal or lengthwise) of these types of packagings.

I hope this information is helpful. If I can be of further assistance, please contact me.

Delmer F. Billings
Chief, Regulations Development
Office of Hazardous Materials Standards

Regulation Sections

Section Subject
172.504 General placarding requirements