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Access the PHMSA on-line registration service

Registration Services Page

The main Hazardous Materials Registration page allows you to choose five services:

  1. Initial allows you to register a company for the first time. If you need to register an unregistered company for more than one registration period during the on-line session, we recommend that you submit the first application as an Initial registration and make payment by credit/debit card. Once you have done this, you may use the Renewal option to submit additional applications, which will save you time and effort by using the information supplied on the first application to fill in most of any subsequent statement. Payment by ACH (electronic check) will not allow you to use the renewal option until after the payment has been confirmed (usually the next business day, but sometimes a day or two later).
  2. Renewal allows you to register your company if it has registered in the past, using the information supplied in the record for the latest registration period to pre-populate most of the form.
  3. Amendment allows you to make changes to your company's previously submitted registration for the most recent registration period. You are required by regulation to notify us of changes to the company name and address within 30 days. You may also correct omissions or errors in that most recent registration. For your protection, these changes are reviewed and validated before they are recorded in the company record, usually within two working days.
  4. Company Look-up allows you to view summary information about a company by entering a company name (or part of the name), a previous registration number, the HM Company ID number, the postal code, a USDOT Number or an MC/MX Number. This option does not allow you to directly proceed to a renewal or amendment.
  5. ACH Verification allows you to verify that an ACH (electronic check) payment has been completed. If you chose to pay for a registration by ACH (electronic check), you may return to this site and use this option to obtain your registration number and certificate after the payment has been verified by the banking system. This usually happens the next business day, but may take one or two additional days. An e-mail with the certificate attached as a .pdf file will be sent to you confirming the payment after the payment has been reported to us.

Other PHMSA Hazmat Electronic Services

At the top of each of the On-line Services pages there are links to other PHMSA Internet Sites, and to three other PHMSA electronic services pages. You can order hazardous materials training materials and publications, pay civil fines and penalties, or pay for FOIA requests by clicking on the appropriate link. Choosing civil fines and penalties or FOIA requests will take you to external Internet sites and you will lose anything you may have placed in your shopping cart. You should complete the payment for any items in the shopping cart before leaving this site to use either of these services.

Updated: Wednesday, June 28, 2017