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Archived HazMat Rulemakings: 1967-1969

Hazmat Rulemakings from 1967-1969
FR DateRule NameDocket NumberRulemaking ActionFR Citation
12/16/1969Extension of Retest Interval for Nonpressure Tank CarsHM-39NPRM34 FR 19722
12/11/1969Interlocking Couplers and Restriction of Capacity of Tank CarsHM-38NPRM34 FR 19553
12/10/1969Aniline OilHM-37NPRM34 FR 19511
11/21/1969Benzoyl Peroxide, WetHM-18FR34 FR 18552 
11/21/1969Special Composite Package for Electrolyte (Acid) or Alkaline Corrosive Battery FluidHM-25FR34 FR 18554
11/21/1969Miscellaneous Restrictions Against Loading and Transporting Poisons (Class A or B) with FoodstuffsHM-4FR34 FR 18553
11/14/1969Matter Incorporated by Reference; Requirements for Shipping Refrigerating MachinesHM-22FR34 FR 18246
11/5/1969Transportation of Liquids by PipelineHM-6FR34 FR 17916
10/30/1969Packaging of Certain Radioactive MaterialsHM-2FR34 FR 17522
10/30/1969Specification 50X Portable Tanks and 4B240X CylindersHM-26FR34 FR 17523
10/29/1969Reports of Hazardous Materials IncidentsHM-36 NPRM34 FR 17450
10/9/1969Flammable Liquids in MC330 and MC 331 Cargo Tanks; Emergency Discharge Controls for Cargo TanksHM-35NPRM34 FR 15660
10/4/1969Transportation of Liquids by PipelineHM-6NPRM34 FR 15489
10/4/1969Requirements for Design, Construction, Operation, and MaintenanceHM-6FR34 FR 15473
8/29/1969Hydrofluoric AcidHM-20FR34 FR 13871
8/29/1969Electric Storage Batteries; ExemptionHM-21FR34 FR 13872
8/29/1969Explosives on Vehicles in CombinationHM-24FR34 FR 
8/20/1969Extension of Specification 3HT Cylinder Service LifeHM-31NPRM34 FR 13428
8/20/1969Specification 1K Carboy for Certain ChloridesHM-30NPRM34 FR 13426
8/20/1969Change in Shipping Name and Removal of Authorization to Ship or Transport Dimethylhexane Dihydroperoxide, DryHM-32NPRM34 FR 13426
8/20/1969Cyanides or Cyanide MixturesHM-33NPRM34 FR 13427
8/20/1969Liquefied Petroleum Gas in Cargo Tanks Constructed of Quenched and Tempered SteelHM-34NPRM34 FR 13427
8/19/1969New Specification 8BW Cylinder for AcetyleneHM-23NPRM34 FR 13374
8/1/1969Miscellaneous Amendments to ChapterHM-9FR34 FR 12588
7/25/1969Carbon Monoxide in Manifolded Cylinders; Authorization of Shipments and Increased Filling LimitationsHM-29NPRM34 FR 12291
7/25/1969Miscellaneous Amendments to Chapter; CorrectionHM-3FR34 FR 12282
7/23/1969Reuse of Spec. 17 Series Steel DrumsHM-27NPRM34 FR 12187
7/23/1969Removal of Label ExemptionHM-28NPRM34 FR 12188
7/16/1969Specification 50X Portable Tanks and 4B240X CylindersHM-26NPRM34 FR 11978
7/16/1969Hazardous Materials in Specification 106a and 110a Tanks by Rail Freight and HighwayHM-14NPRM34 FR 11977
6/26/1969Aerosol Flash Point RestrictionHM-15FR34 FR 9869
6/26/1969Shipment of Benzene Phosphorus Dichloride and Benzene Phosphorus ThiochlorideHM-16FR34 FR 9868
6/26/1969Shipment of Residual Motor Fuel Antiknock CompoundHM-17FR34 FR 9869
6/26/1969Methyl Chloride in Specification 110A500W Tank Car TanksHM-19FR34 FR 9869
5/29/1969New Specification 8BW Cylinder for AcetyleneHM-23NPRM34 FR 8300
5/28/1969Packaging of Radioactive MaterialsHM-2FR34 FR 8244
5/28/1969Shipping Container Specifications; Fiberboard BoxesHM-25NPRM34 FR 8245
5/24/1969Welded Aluminum CylindersHM-13FR34 FR 8166
5/9/1969Transportation of PesticidesHM-4ANPRM34 FR 7545
5/8/1969Loading and Transporting Poisons, Class A or B with FoodstuffsHM-4NPRM34 FR 7456
5/8/1969Explosives on Vehicles in CombinationHM-24NPRM34 FR 7457
5/6/1969Miscellaneous AmendmentsHM-3FR34 FR 7332
5/1/1969Miscellaneous Amendments to ChapterHM-3FR34 FR 7158
4/23/1969Matter Incorporated by ReferenceHM-22NPRM34 FR 6795
4/23/1969Transport of Highly Volatile Liquids by PipelineHM-6AANPRM34 FR 6798
4/23/1969New Specification 8BW Cylinder for AcetyleneHM-23NPRM34 FR 6797
4/12/1969Shipment of Anhydrous HydrazineHM-12FR34 FR 6437
4/12/1969Hydrofluoric AcidHM-20NPRM34 FR 6444
4/12/1969Electric Storage BatteriesHM-21NPRM34 FR 6444
4/9/1969Transportation of Metyhl Chloride; Use of Certain Multiunit Tank Car TanksHM-19NPRM34 FR 6290
3/12/1969Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-17NPRM34 FR 5113 
3/12/1969Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-18NPRM34 FR 5113
3/12/1969Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-15NPRM34 FR 5112
3/12/1969Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-16NPRM34 FR 5112
2/15/1969Shipping Container SpecificationsHM-13NPRM34 FR 2257
2/15/1969Transportation of Tanks Containing Antimony PentachlorideHM-14ANPRM34 FR 2256
1/16/1969Rocketdyne, North American Rockewell Corp.; Petition for Special PermitHM-12NPRM34 FR 645
12/27/1968Radioactive Materials and Other Miscellaneous Amendments; CorrectionHM-2FR33 FR 19822
12/3/1968Change of ReferenceHM-11FR33 FR 17918
11/21/1968Tank Car SpecificationsHM-10NPRM33 FR 17246
11/20/1968Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-9NPRM33 FR 17189
10/25/1968Transport of Hazardous Materials by PipelineHM-6NPRM33 FR 15807
10/16/1968Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-8ANPRM33 FR 15347
10/4/1968Radioactive Materials and Other Miscellaneous AmendmentsHM-2FR33 FR 14918
8/21/1968Transportation of Hazardous MaterialsHM-7NPRM33 FR 11862
8/6/1968Explosive and Other Dangerous ArticlesHM-3NPRM33 FR 11121
7/17/1968Transportation of Hazardous Materials by PipelineHM-6NPRM33 FR 10213
6/4/1968Rulemaking Procedures of the Hazardous Materials Regulations BoardHM-1FR33 FR 8277
5/21/1968Hazardous Materials Regulations Board; Stress Corrosion in MC 330 & 331 Cargo TanksHM-5FR33 FR 7493
3/8/1968Explosives and Other Dangerous ArticlesHM-3NPRM33 FR 4340
2/28/1968Rules of Procedure; Filing and Processing of Petitions for Special PermitsHM-1NPRM33 FR 3439
2/27/1968Explosives and Other Dangerous ArticlesHM-3NPRM33 FR 3382
1/31/1968Stress Corrosion in MC 330 and MC 331 Cargo TanksHM-5FR33 FR 2389
1/20/1968Radioactive MaterialsHM-2NPRM33 FR 750
12/29/1967Miscellaneous Restrictions Against Loading and Transporting Class B Poisonous Liquids or Solids with FoodstuffsHM-4FR32 FR 20982
11/30/1967Rules of ProcedureHM-1NPRM32 FR 16437