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Phase I - Modeling of Current Standards for Selecting Pressure Vessel Steels (DOT Packaging) to Transport Hydrogen-Bearing Gases

August 25, 2016

The goal of this project is to determine which laboratory test method(s) can be used to most reliably evaluate steels for the construction of cylinders and tubes used for transportation and storage of compressed natural gases (CNG), hydrogen and hydrogen-bearing gases. The laboratory test method(s) will be mathematically modeled and validated with a limited number of tests to determine which of the test method(s) can be used to most reliably evaluate the performance of steels under the actual operating conditions expected in cylinders and tubes used to transport hydrogen-bearing gases.

This R&D project was developed by PHMSA, Hazardous Materials Engineering and Research Division. The final report for this R&D project includes This project will ensure that steels used to construct cylinders, tubes and cargo tanks that transport hydrogen-bearing gases, such as compressed natural gas (CNG), hydrogen, and other hydrogen-bearing gases can be safely and efficiently used without being subject to any degradation from hydrogen embrittlement. For technical question, contact Mr. Mark Toughiry, 202-366-4545.

Updated: Monday, November 27, 2017