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Forensic Evaluation and Documentation of Pressure Relief Devices (PRDs) of Argon Cryogenic Portable Tank

May 2, 2011

This research project is a part of Failure Investigation relating to an argon portable tank incident in Port Everglades, Florida.  The final report provides comprehensive testing and analysis of the pressure relieve devices (PRDs) used on the cryogenic argon portable tank.  The report includes forensic evaluation as well as performance of each PRD at designated pressure setting.   The knowledge gained from this effort will then be used to assess rout-cause of the argon portable tank incident which released a large amount of argon gas on board of a cargo vessel in Port Everglades.  This research project has been initiated and managed by DOT/Hazardous Materials Technology. For technical question, contact Mr. Mark Toughiry, 202-366-4545.

Updated: Monday, November 27, 2017