Distribution, Transmission & Gathering, LNG, and Liquid Annual Data
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The Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR Parts 191, 195) requires operators of hazardous liquid and natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines to submit annual reports to PHMSA. Annual reports include general information such as total pipeline mileage, commodities transported, miles by material, and installation dates. These annual reports are widely used by safety researchers, government agencies, industry professionals, and by PHMSA personnel for inspection planning and risk assessment.

Failure to report may result in a civil penalty not to exceed $100,000 for each violation for each day the violation continues up to a maximum of $1,000,000.

Please note that PHMSA's Office of Pipeline Safety is currently checking the data quality of the reports received this year; therefore, the current year data is not presented as it may change as we receive supplementary information from the operators.

How to Access Files

The annual report ZIP files listed under the "Related Downloads" section, each contain two files: 1) a file containing a description of the fields/columns, and 2) a file appended with the year containing the data.

Download, extract, and save the files from the needed ZIP file from the list on the right.

To load the data file into MS Excel (or MS Access):

  1. Open Excel and click "File" then "Open". This will start the "Open" dialog box.
  2. Select the data TXT file and click "Open".
  3. Excel will start the Text Import Wizard and display the first dialog. Excel is smart enough to figure out that the file is a delimited file, so not adjustments are necessary on the first dialog.
  4. In the second dialog:
    1. Specify the delimiter as "Tab".
    2. Set the "Text Qualifier" to "{none}".
    3. Make sure "Treat consecutive delimiters as one" is turned off.
  5. In the third dialog set "Column data format" to "General".
  6. Click "Finish" to import the data.