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Incident Reporting

Industries regulated by PHMSA are required to report incidents which meet or exceed established reporting criteria. PHMSA uses incident data to assess safety trends and guide the development of new initiatives to enhance hazardous materials transportation safety.

PHMSA's incident report forms capture relevant data about each reported incident, including the location, cause, and consequences. Information in the reports are used by PHMSA in future analyses. Complete and accurate data is essential to PHMSA's ability to conduct sound assessments of incident trends.

Hazardous Materials Transportation and Pipeline Accidents are to be reported directly to the 24-hour National Response Center (NRC): at 1-800-424-8802. To reach the DOT's 24-hour Crisis Management Center, call 202-366-1863.

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Hazardous Materials Incident Reporting
When are Hazardous Materials most hazardous? When they're released! The scene of an incident can be chaotic, so the right actions may not always be obvious. Who should I inform if I'm involved in an incident where a release or a suspected release of a hazardous material has taken place in transportation? To answer these and other important questions and concerns about hazardous material incidents visit:
Pipeline Incident Reporting

By Phone: PHMSA expects reports to the National Response Center, 800-424-8802, to be telephoned in within two hours of the incident.

In Writing: Within 30 days of the incident, pipeline operators are required to submit written reports to PHMSA. Various options for transmitting the written reports to PHMSA are contained in the regulations above. PHMSA prefers that pipeline operators transmit the reports electronically.

Blank incident report forms and instructions for completing the reports are available.