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An approval document can only be issued if there is a specific approval citation in the Hazardous Materials Regulations (49 CFR). If there is no specific approval citation, the relief sought from the HMR must be in the form of a special permit.

Approvals Search Tools

The approvals search tool is a powerful and effective method to determine the current status of a submission, existing approval, pending approval, terminated approval or expired approval.

If you need information concerning application status that is not available in this search, please contact: approvals@dot.gov or call 202/366-3987.

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Guidance and Criteria:
Competent Authority Numbering System
At the beginning of 2000, it became necessary to update the Competent Authority (CA) numbering system from the seven-digit sequence to the current 10-digit sequence. The old seven-digit number (and in a few cases, nine-digit number) and the new 10-digit number are interchangeable. It is not necessary to apply for a new number and the old number is still valid. All CA's issued by the Approvals Office will contain the new 10-digit number. If your company is using packagings, labels, and/or stamps with the old number, you may continue to use them when practicable.
How Do I Get an Approval?