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Regulations Section Interpretation List

Below is a list of the sections that have interpretations available for the selected category. To view the interpretations for a given section, click on the subject link below. To return to the list of Parts, use the Parts link above. Finally, these interpretations are specific to the scenarios in which they are responding to and may not be applicable to different fact scenarios.

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Section Subject
178.347-1 General requirements
178.347-4 Pressure relief
178.347-5 Pressure and leakage test
178.348 Specification DOT 412; cargo tank motor vehicle
178.348-1 General requirements
178.350 Specification 7A; general packaging, Type A.
178.500 Purpose, scope and definitions
178.503 Marking of packagings
178.504 Standards for steel drums
178.508 Standards for fiber drums
178.509 Standards for plastic drums and jerricans
178.512 Standards for steel, aluminum or other metal boxes
178.513 Standards for boxes of natural wood
178.514 Standards for plywood boxes
178.516 Standards for fiberboard boxes
178.521 Standards for paper bags
178.522 Standards for composite packagings with inner plastic receptacles
178.523 Standards for composite packagings with inner glass, porcelain, or stoneware receptacles
178.601 General requirements
178.602 Preparation of packagings and packages for testing
178.603 Drop test
178.604 Leakproofness test
178.605 Hydrostatic pressure test
178.606 Stacking test
178.608 Vibration standard
178.609 Test requirements for packagings for infectious substances
178.700 Purpose, scope and definitions
178.702 IBC codes
178.703 Marking of IBCs
178.704 General IBC standards
178.705 Standards for metal IBCs
178.706 Standards for rigid plastic IBCs
178.707 Standards for composite IBCs
178.710 Standards for flexible IBCs
178.801 General requirements
178.803 Testing and certification of IBCs
178.813 Leakproofness test
178.814 Hydrostatic pressure test
178.815 Stacking test
178.819 Vibration test
178.920 Standards for metal Large Packagings
178.955 General requirements
178.965 Drop test
178.980 Stacking test
179.1 General
179.2 Definitions and abbreviations
179.3 Procedure for securing approval
179.4 Changes in specifications for tank cars
179.5 Certificate of construction
179.6 Repairs and alterations