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Section Subject
178.42 Specification 3E seamless steel cylinders
178.45 Specification 3T seamless steel cylinder
178.46 Specification 3AL seamless aluminum cylinders
178.47 Specification 4DS welded stainless steel cylinders for aircraft use
178.50 Specification 4B welded or brazed steel cylinders
178.51 Specification 4BA welded or brazed steel cylinders
178.53 Specification 4D welded steel cylinders for aircraft use
178.55 Specification 4B240ET welded or brazed cylinders
178.57 Specification 4L welded insulated cylinders
178.60 Specification 8AL steel cylinders with porous fillings for acetylene
178.61 Specification 4BW welded steel cylinders with electric-arc welded longitudinal seam
178.65 Specification 39 non-reusable (non-refillable) cylinders
178.68 Specification 4E welded aluminum cylinders
178.69 Responsibilities and requirements for manufacturers of UN pressure receptacles
178.70 Approval of UN pressure receptacles
178.71 Specifications for UN pressure receptacles
178.74 Approval of MEGCs
178.75 Specifications for MEGCs
178.81 Drop test
178.273 Approval of Specification UN portable tanks
178.274 Specifications for UN portable tanks
178.275 Specification for UN Portable Tanks intended for the transportation of liquid and solid hazardous materials
178.277 Requirements for the design, construction, inspection and testing of portable tanks intended for the transportation of refrigerated liquefied gases
178.320 General requirements applicable to all DOT specification cargo tank motor vehicles
178.337 Specification MC 331; cargo tank motor vehicle primarily for transportation of compressed gases as defined in subpart G of part 173 of this subchapter
178.337-1 General requirements
178.337-3 Structural integrity
178.337-8 Openings, inlets, and outlets
178.337-9 Pressure relief devices, piping, valves, hoses, and fittings
178.337-10 Accident damage protection
178.337-11 Accident damage protection
178.337-16 Testing
178.337-17 Marking
178.337-18 Certification
178.338-10 Accident damage protection
178.338-16 Inspection and testing
178.345 General design and construction requirements applicable to Specification DOT 406 (178.346), DOT 407 (178.347), and DOT 412 (178.348) cargo tank motor vehicles
178.345-1 General requirements
178.345-2 Material and material thickness
178.345-3 Structural integrity
178.345-5 Manhole assemblies
178.345-7 Circumferential reinforcements
178.345-8 Accident damage protection
178.345-9 Pumps, piping, hoses and connections
178.345-10 Pressure relief
178.345-11 Tank outlets
178.345-14 Marking
178.345-15 Certification
178.346-3 Pressure relief
178.347 Specification DOT 407; cargo tank motor vehicle