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Regulations Section Interpretation List

Below is a list of the sections that have interpretations available for the selected category. To view the interpretations for a given section, click on the subject link below. To return to the list of Parts, use the Parts link above. Finally, these interpretations are specific to the scenarios in which they are responding to and may not be applicable to different fact scenarios.

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Section Subject
176.83 Segregation
176.84 Other requirements for stowage, cargo handling, and segregation for cargo vessels and passenger vessels
176.88 Applicability
176.89 Control of transport vehicles
176.90 Private automobiles
176.116 General stowage conditions for Class 1 (explosive) materials
176.118 Electrical requirement
176.140 Segregation from other classes of hazardous materials
176.144 Segregation of Class 1 (explosive) materials
176.170 Transport of Class 1 (explosive) materials in freight containers
176.172 Structural serviceability of freight containers and vehicles carrying Class 1 (explosive) materials on ships
176.200 General stowage requirements
176.305 General stowage requirements
176.340 Combustible liquids in portable tanks
176.400 Stowage of Division 1.5, Class 4 (flammable solids) and Class 5 (oxidizers and organic peroxides) materials
176.410 Division 1.5 materials, ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate mixtures
176.415 Permit requirements for Division 1.5, ammonium nitrates, and certain ammonium nitrate fertilizers
176.704 Requirements relating to transport indices and criticality safety indices
176.708 Segregation distances
176.905 Vehicles having refrigerating or heating equipment
176.906 Stowage of engines and machinery
176.907 Polymeric Beads and Plastic Molding Compounds
177.800 Purpose and scope of this part and responsibility for compliance and training
177.802 Inspection
177.804 Compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
177.810 Vehicular tunnels
177.816 Driver training
177.817 Shipping papers
177.823 Movement of motor vehicles in emergency situations
177.834 General requirements
177.835 Class 1 materials
177.837 Class 3 materials
177.838 Class 4 (flammable solid) materials, Class 5 (oxidizing) materials, and Division 4.2 (self-heating and pyrophoric liquid) materials
177.840 Class 2 (gases) materials
177.841 Division 6.1 and Division 2.3 materials
177.842 Class 7 (radioactive) material
177.843 Contamination of vehicles
177.848 Segregation of hazardous materials
177.854 Disabled vehicles and broken or leaking packages; repairs
178.33 Specification 2P; inner nonrefillable metal receptacles
178.33-7 Wall thickness
178.33-9 Marking
178.33a Specification 2Q; inner nonrefillable metal receptacles
178.33a-8 Tests
178.33b-5 Material
178.33b-7 Design qualification test
178.33b-9 Marking
178.35 General requirements for specification cylinders
178.36 Specification 3A and 3AX seamless steel cylinders
178.37 Specification 3AA and 3AAX seamless steel cylinders