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Section Subject
173.301 General requirements for shipment of compressed gases and other hazardous materials in cylinders, UN pressure receptacles and spherical pressure vessels
173.301a Additional general requirements for shipment of specification cylinders
173.301b Additional general requirements for shipment of UN pressure receptacles
173.302 Filling of cylinders with nonliquefied (permanent) compressed gases or adsorbed gases
173.302a Additional requirements for shipment of nonliquefied (permanent) compressed gases in specification cylinders
173.302b Additional requirements for shipment of non-liquefied (permanent) compressed gases in UN pressure receptacles
173.303 Charging of cylinders with compressed gas in solution (acetylene).
173.304 Filling of cylinders with liquefied compressed gases
173.304a Additional requirements for shipment of liquefied compressed gases in specification cylinders
173.304b Additional requirements for shipment of liquefied compressed gases in UN pressure receptacles
173.306 Limited quantities of compressed gases
173.307 Exceptions for compressed gases
173.308 Lighters
173.309 Fire extinguishers
173.310 Exceptions for radiation detectors
173.312 Requirements for shipment of MEGCs
173.314 Compressed gases in tank cars and multi-unit tank cars
173.315 Compressed gases in cargo tanks and portable tanks
173.316 Cryogenic liquids in cylinders
173.319 Cryogenic liquids in tank cars
173.320 Cryogenic liquids; exceptions
173.322 Ethyl chloride
173.334 Organic phosphates mixed with compressed gas
173.336 Nitrogen dioxide, liquefied, or dinitrogen tetroxide, liquefied
173.401 Scope
173.403 Definitions
173.410 General design requirements
173.411 Industrial packages
173.412 Additional design requirements for Type A packages
173.415 Authorized Type A packages
173.416 Authorized Type B packages
173.417 Authorized fissile materials packages
173.418 Authorized packages-pyrophoric Class 7 (radioactive) materials
173.419 Authorized packages-oxidizing Class 7 (radioactive) materials
173.421 Excepted packages for limited quantities of Class 7 (radioactive) materials
173.422 Additional requirements for excepted packages containing Class 7 (radioactive) materials
173.423 Requirements for multiple hazard limited quantity Class 7 (radioactive) materials
173.424 Excepted packages for radioactive instruments and articles
173.425 Table of activity limits-excepted quantities and articles
173.426 Excepted packages for articles containing natural uranium or thorium
173.427 Transport requirements for low specific activity (LSA) Class 7 (radioactive) material and surface contaminated objects (SCO)
173.428 Empty Class 7 (radioactive) materials packaging
173.433 Requirements for determining basic radionuclide values, and for the listing of radionuclides on shipping papers and labels
173.435 Table of A1 and A2 values for radionuclides
173.436 Exempt material activity concentrations and exempt consignment activity limits for radionuclides
173.441 Radiation level limitations and exclusive use provisions
173.443 Contamination control
173.447 Storage incident to transportation-general requirements
173.448 General transportation requirements
173.453 Fissile materials-exceptions