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Regulations Section Interpretation List

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Section Subject
193.2513 Transfer procedures
193.2621 Testing transfer hoses
193.2707 Operations and maintenance
194.1 Purpose
194.3 Applicability
194.101 Operators required to submit plans
194.105 Worst case discharge
195.1 Which pipelines are covered by this Part?
195.2 Definitions
195.3 What documents are incorporated by reference partly or wholly in this part?
195.4 Compatibility necessary for transportation of hazardous liquids or carbon dioxide
195.5 Conversion to service subject to this part
195.6 Unusually Sensitive Areas (USAs)
195.8 Transportation of hazardous liquid or carbon dioxide in pipelines constructed with other than steel pipe
195.12 What requirements apply to low-stress pipelines in rural areas?
195.50 Reporting accidents
195.54 Accident reports
195.59 Abandonment or deactivation of facilities
195.102 Design temperature
195.106 Internal design pressure
195.110 External loads
195.112 New pipe
195.116 Valves
195.120 Passage of In-Line Inspection tools
195.124 Closures
195.200 Scope
195.204 Inspection-general
195.208 Welding of supports and braces
195.210 Pipelines location
195.212 Bending of pipe
195.214 Welding procedures
195.228 Welds and welding inspection: Standards of acceptability
195.246 Installation of pipe in a ditch
195.248 Cover over buried pipeline
195.250 Clearance between pipe and underground structures
195.260 Valves: Location
195.262 Pumping equipment
195.300 Scope
195.302 General requirements
195.304 Test pressure
195.306 Test medium
195.308 Testing of tie-ins
195.310 Records
195.401 General requirements
195.402 Procedural manual for operations, maintenance, and emergencies
195.404 Maps and records
195.406 Maximum operating pressure
195.410 Line markers
195.412 Inspection of rights-of-way and crossings under navigable waters
195.413 Underwater inspection and reburial of pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and its inlets