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Section Subject
192.615 Emergency plans
192.616 Public awareness
192.617 Investigation of failures
192.619 Maximum allowable operating pressure: Steel or plastic pipelines
192.620 Alternative maximum allowable operating pressure for certain steel pipelines
192.621 Maximum allowable operating pressure: High-pressure distribution systems
192.623 Maximum and minimum allowable operating pressure; Low-pressure distribution systems
192.625 Odorization of gas
192.631 Control room management
192.701 Scope
192.703 General
192.705 Transmission lines: Patrolling
192.706 Transmission lines: Leakage surveys
192.707 Line markers for mains and transmission lines
192.709 Transmission lines: Record keeping
192.713 Transmission lines: Permanent field repair of imperfections and damages
192.715 Transmission lines: Permanent field repair of welds
192.717 Transmission lines: Permanent field repair of leaks
192.719 Transmission lines: Testing of repairs
192.721 Distribution systems: Patrolling
192.723 Distribution systems: Leakage surveys
192.725 Test requirements for reinstating service lines
192.727 Abandonment or deactivation of facilities
192.731 Compressor stations: Inspection and testing of relief devices
192.735 Compressor stations: Storage of combustible materials
192.739 Pressure limiting and regulating stations: Inspection and testing
192.740 Pressure regulating, limiting, and overpressure protection-Individual service lines directly connected to production, gathering, or transmission pipelines
192.741 Pressure limiting and regulating stations: Telemetering or recording gauges
192.743 Pressure limiting and regulating stations: Capacity of relief devices
192.747 Valve maintenance: Distribution systems
192.753 Caulked bell and spigot joints
192.755 Protecting cast-iron pipelines
192.801 Scope
192.807 Recordkeeping
192.903 What definitions apply to this subpart?
192.939 What are the required reassessment intervals?
192.1013 When may an operator deviate from required periodic inspections under this part?
193.2001 Scope of part
193.2005 Applicability
193.2007 Definitions
193.2051 Scope
193.2057 Thermal radiation protection
193.2059 Flammable vapor-gas dispersion protection
193.2181 Impoundment capacity: LNG storage tanks
193.2401 Scope
193.2513 Transfer procedures
193.2621 Testing transfer hoses
193.2707 Operations and maintenance
194.1 Purpose
194.3 Applicability