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Regulations Section Interpretation List

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Section Subject
192.355 Customer meters and regulators: Protection from damage
192.357 Customer meters and regulators: Installation
192.359 Customer meter installations: Operating pressure
192.361 Service lines: Installation
192.363 Service lines: Valve requirements
192.365 Service lines: Location of valves
192.371 Service lines: Steel
192.375 Service lines: Plastic
192.379 New service lines not in use
192.381 Service lines: Excess flow valve performance standards
192.383 Excess flow valve installation
192.451 Scope
192.453 General
192.455 External corrosion control: Buried or submerged pipelines installed after July 31, 1971
192.457 External corrosion control: Buried or submerged pipelines installed before August 1, 1971
192.459 External corrosion control: Examination of buried pipeline when exposed
192.461 External corrosion control: Protective coating
192.463 External corrosion control: Cathodic protection
192.465 External corrosion control: Monitoring
192.467 External corrosion control: Electrical isolation
192.469 External corrosion control: Test stations
192.475 Internal corrosion control: General
192.479 Atmospheric corrosion control: General
192.481 Atmospheric corrosion control: Monitoring
192.483 Remedial measures: General
192.485 Remedial measures: Transmission lines
192.487 Remedial measures: Distribution lines other than cast iron or ductile iron lines
192.491 Corrosion control records
192.501 Scope
192.503 General requirements
192.505 Strength test requirements for steel pipeline to operate at a hoop stress of 30 percent or more of SMYS
192.507 Test requirements for pipelines to operate at a hoop stress less than 30 percent of SMYS and at or above 100 p.s.i. (689 kPa) gage
192.509 Test requirements for pipelines to operate below 100 p.s.i. (689 kPa) gage
192.511 Test requirements for service lines
192.513 Test requirements for plastic pipelines
192.515 Environmental protection and safety requirements
192.517 Records
192.551 Scope
192.553 General requirements
192.555 Uprating to a pressure that will produce a hoop stress of 30 percent or more of SMYS in steel pipelines
192.557 Uprating: Steel pipelines to a pressure that will produce a hoop stress less than 30 percent of SMYS: plastic, cast iron, and ductile iron pipelines
192.603 General provisions
192.605 Procedural manual for operations, maintenance, and emergencies
192.609 Change in class location: Required study
192.611 Change in class location: Confirmation or revision of maximum allowable operating pressure
192.612 Underwater inspection and reburial of pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and its inlets
192.613 Continuing surveillance
192.614 Damage prevention program
192.615 Emergency plans
192.616 Public awareness