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Regulations Section Interpretation List

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Section Subject
192.59 Plastic pipe
192.63 Marking of materials
192.65 Transportation of pipe
192.103 General
192.105 Design formula for steel pipe
192.107 Yield strength (S) for steel pipe
192.109 Nominal wall thickness (t) for steel pipe
192.111 Design factor (F) for steel pipe
192.112 Additional design requirements for steel pipe using alternative maximum allowable operating pressure
192.113 Longitudinal joint factor (E) for steel pipe
192.121 Design of plastic pipe
192.123 Design limitations for plastic pipe
192.143 General requirements
192.145 Valves
192.147 Flanges and flange accessories
192.149 Standard fittings
192.153 Components fabricated by welding
192.161 Supports and anchors
192.167 Compressor stations: Emergency shutdown
192.175 Pipe-type and bottle-type holders
192.177 Additional provisions for bottle-type holders
192.179 Transmission line valves
192.181 Distribution line valves
192.187 Vaults: Sealing, venting, and ventilation
192.191 Design pressure of plastic fittings
192.195 Protection against accidental overpressuring
192.197 Control of the pressure of gas delivered from high-pressure distribution systems
192.199 Requirements for design of pressure relief and limiting devices
192.201 Required capacity of pressure relieving and limiting stations
192.203 Instrument, control, and sampling pipe and components
192.221 Scope
192.225 Welding procedures
192.227 Qualification of welders and welding operators
192.229 Limitations on welders and welding operators
192.241 Inspection and test of welds
192.243 Nondestructive testing
192.245 Repair or removal of defects
192.271 Scope
192.273 General
192.281 Plastic pipe
192.283 Plastic pipe: Qualifying joining procedures
192.285 Plastic pipe: Qualifying persons to make joints.
192.301 Scope
192.305 Inspection: General
192.309 Repair of steel pipe
192.311 Repair of plastic pipe
192.317 Protection from hazards
192.319 Installation of pipe in a ditch
192.321 Installation of plastic pipe
192.323 Casing