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Pipeline Safety: Pipeline Integrity Management in High Consequence Areas (Gas Transmission Pipelines)

Notice of proposed rulemaking.
This document proposes to establish a rule to require operators to develop integrity management programs for gas transmission pipelines that, in the event of a failure, could impact high consequence areas (HCAs). These integrity management programs would focus on requiring operators to comprehensively evaluate their pipelines, and take measures to protect pipeline segments located in high consequence areas. RSPA/OPS recently finalized the definition of high consequence areas by a separate rulemaking. This proposed rule proposes to expand the definition of HCAs by adding consideration of people living at distances greater than 660 feet from large diameter high pressure pipelines. The current HCA definition only requires consideration of people living at distances up to 660 feet from pipelines.
68 FR 4277


Closed on 03/31/2003
Docket No. RSPA-00-7666