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Safety Advisory: Manufacture, Marking, and Sale of Untested Compressed Gas Cylinders

Safety advisory notice.
PHMSA was recently notified of the manufacture, marking, and sale of certain high pressure DOT exemption cylinders that were not tested in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. These cylinders were manufactured and/or distributed by Luxfer, Inc. (Luxfer), Riverside, CA. Luxfer and its independent inspection agency, Arrowhead Industrial Services, Inc. (Arrowhead), reported to PHMSA that 6,325 high pressure cylinders manufactured to the DOT CFFC and FRP-1 standards as authorized in DOT-E 10915, DOT-E 9634, and DOT-E 9894, had been shipped from Luxfer without undergoing the required autofrettage and hydrostatic tests. In a joint effort, Luxfer and Arrowhead have retrieved 2,581 of the untested cylinders. The model numbers and serial numbers of the remaining 3,744 cylinders are listed in this notice. Only cylinders with the listed serial numbers listed are affected. A person with a listed cylinder should discontinue use of the cylinder and return it to Arrowhead at the address below so the autofrettage and hydrostatic test can be completed before its next use. Shippers and compressed gas filling facilities are advised that these cylinders do not meet the requirements of the Hazardous Materials Regulations and may not be offered for transportation or transported until the required testing is completed.
71 FR 25633