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Hazardous Materials: Explosive Approvals-Compliance With Special Provision 347

Proposed termination of explosive approvals.
PHMSA proposes to terminate the explosive approvals listed herein. PHMSA, via certified mail, attempted to contact all of the below listed approval holders during the month of October 2014. The certified letters were titled ``Hazardous Materials Safety Law Division, Letter of Warning: Test Series 6(d) requirements for Division 1.4S Explosive Approvals.'' The certified letters requested that the approval holders notify PHMSA within 30 days with their intent with respect to the approvals. They were given the options to provide evidence of UN 6(d) testing, request a reassignment of the EX number to a higher compatibility group than ``S'', or request termination. To date, no correspondence has been received by PHMSA concerning the below listed explosive approval numbers.
80 FR 67485